Replace everything with katakana and hiragana

Hello! I’ve found this interesting extension called “wanikanify”. Buy is there anything similar, but instead of replacing everything with words from wanikani I want it to replace it with hiragana or katakana? The thing is that even though I know kana I am not fluent in it as in english. I struggle reading and it takes time. So replacing every english word on page would be a great practice for me or anyone who is also interested in improving kana reading. Thank you for your help!

So essentially you want to “kanify” english words into kana text? That sounds painful and not very useful :sweat_smile:

Would be pretty hilarious though to read full paragraphs of katakana english.


そ れpぁしんg えゔぇry えんgぃsh をrd おん ぱげ をうld べ あ gれあt pらcちせ ふぉr め おr あにょね うぉ いs あlそ いんてれsてd いん いmpろゔぃんg かな れあぢんg. てゃんk よう ふぉr ようr へlp!


Mm… not sure that would be great practice, honestly.

I get it though. It takes time to build up reading proficiency. Best way to do that is… practice reading! I’d say just stick with real Japanese content. NHK Easy News perhaps? Make it a goal to read an article a day.

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アイ ハヴ ノウ アイディア フヲット ユウ ジャスト セッド。ドーント ユー シンク ジス イズ ベター?


ahhahah oh you really opened my eyes. Now I understand that it was kinda stupid idea. Ok, I’ll stick to NHK and try my best. Thank you!


It’s an understandable mistake to make if you don’t realize just how different the two systems are. Don’t worry about taking too long to read stuff now. You’ll reach a point, without even realizing it, where seeing a kana will suggest its reading immediately without any conscious thought or effort. It just takes time and practice. As that other Jake says, “sucking at something is just the first step towards being kind of good at something”.


hmm, very clever idea. Thank you. Hope I’ll reach this this point soon :smiley:

The RealKana website is pretty good for practicing Kana:

I used it to reinforce my Katakana since that was the part that was lacking. You can choose which items to review and the input method is pretty fast.

If you do it for a few minutes every day your Kana will improve in no time. :slight_smile:


Wow, I guess it’s exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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Awesome! So glad I could help.

Honestly, my hiragana is effortless but my katakana still needs work even now. ヨ and ユ still consistently trip me up so I still use that website even though it’s been almost 2 years since originally learning the kana. 頑張れ :wink: