Tobira study group

Yeah, they still might cancel it – here the exam is run by MEXT and they’ve been pretty proactive about closing school-related things. But my goal in signing up for the JLPT is to force myself to study, not necessarily to pass the exam itself. So it wouldn’t bother me too much if it ends up not happening until December.

頑張りましょう! :blush:

Will this be your first time sitting the jlpt?

Yeah. That’s also why I’ll take it – I don’t need N3 but next year I’ll probably take N2 and I’d rather it not be my first JLPT experience. :sweat_smile:

Oh yes good, I’d love to join in, I’m only on chapter 2, so it would be fantastic motivation to have a group to cover Tobira with!


Perfect! This week we’re finishing up chapter 1, so we’ll start chapter 2 next week!

I just posted the thread for our chapter 2 discussion. Really looking forward to working on this the next couple of weeks!

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I’m interested in joining the study group! I’m working through Chapter 1 at the moment so I’ll try to catch up this week and join in after that. How are you all practising the conversation parts? (Is there a discord channel, or something similar?)

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Welcome! Just jump right in!

No discord channel or anything, just the posts here. You could start a discord channel if you want!

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Never heard of it before signing up to this community but now that I found it mentioned even in level 60 writeups I might consider joining in~


Welcome! Tobira is one of the better Intermediate textbooks for sure.

I’m going to join too.

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Perfect! Just jump right in!

We’ll start going through chapter 3 today, but if you have questions about chapter 1 or 2 just ask your questions in that week’s thread.

Care if I join as well?
I covered Genki 2 before the lockdown, so I hope I’ll be able to keep up
A little bit of catching up is in order before I can chat with you guys, but if I find anything interesting or get stuck I’ll try to post it in the respective chapter post as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hope we’ll manage! :hugs:


Please jump right in!

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It seems that some are behind now. We have already agreed on a schedule for the first 5 chapters, but I think we’ll take a 2 weeks break after chapter 5 to catch up. The schedule for the next chapters will then be:

BREAK AND CATCH UP: June 29 to July 12
Chapter 6: July 13 to July 26
Chapter 7: July 27 to August 9
Chapter 8: August 10 to August 23
Chapter 9: August 24 to September 6
Chapter 10: September 7 to September 20

I’ll add this to the first post in this thread too.


One more thing: The threads for each chapter are a little quiet now, and that’s OK. Part of the reason why I wanted to start this study group is to create a thread for each chapter as a resource for the community. If someone wants to study Tobira at a later date, the threads will be there and it will be easy to look at previous discussion and maybe find some answers there.


I haven’t started yet … D’: I should stop playing Animal Crossing …


I like that idea :+1:

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I like to join in as well! …Better late than never? :sweat_smile:
I did finish chapter 1 and 2 sometime ago but haven’t finished chapter 3 so I haven’t go much catching up to do! :slight_smile:


Thats the reason why I’m still on Chapter 2. I just got Animal Crossing and I can’t stop :sweat_smile: