To use, ride, take transportation

地下鉄を使います … use the subway.
タクシーを使います … take a taxi.
自転車に乗ります … ride a bike.
エレベーターに乗ります. … take the elevator
Is it safe to say these verbs are interchangeable or is there a nuance that I am missing? In each sentence would someone understand “use” = “ride” or even “take”? How does one choose which verb? Is it based on the type of transportation or something?

I don’t see how it’s particularly different from English? You can use more things than you can ride, and you can’t ride everything you can use.

But at the same time, I don’t think I’ve ever said, or heard someone say, 使う for typical everyday vehicle riding. But it obviously would make sense if someone did.

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I’ve often heard タクシーで行く
バスに乗る, etc

That’d be “go (somewhere) by taxi” - the focus is on the going rather than the taxiing.

I know -just saying I haven’t heard “take or use” a taxi often in dramas, etc. usually go by taxi

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