To concentrate (集中する), what is it's context?

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I have a bit of a context problem with “to concentrate” (集中する, is there an easier way to implement kanji without copy/pasting?).
Because WK gives examples in its focus context, does this mean that “集中する” solely means “to focus” or can you also use it in its chemical context of making a concentrated solution or concentrated information in text?

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The words “濃縮” and “濃度” are used for liquid solution etc and the word “集中” is used when a person think of something hard.


You mean like, writing kanji? You can install an IME.

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Ahh I see, so can I just add する to “濃縮” or “濃度” to concentrate a liquid solution?

Thank you, I’ll look into it :smiley:

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You can add する to 濃縮 as it’s a する verb. 濃度 is a noun that means concentration; thickness; density, but does not appear to be a する verb from what I can see.


You can use 集中 for other things. It does just mean “to gather in one place” as well.

For instance


As Leebo says, it’s also refered as something gathered in a “place”.

central heating : 集中暖房

an intensive care unit: 集中治療室

concentrated study: 集中学習

Also among the cards I have I found some other example:

So, here it follows the same pattern (something gathered in a place) as well.

(though almost all the rest of the examples I have from shows are indeed about focusing the atention or efforts into something :wink:)


Thank you all for replying, it has been a great help :smiley:


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