To all avid readers out there: How do you discover new content to read?

Here are my usual methods of finding interesting (to me!) stuff to read.
To explain this a little, I generally neither read Manga nor Light Novels. I am especially looking for material that doesn’t feature schoolchildren / adolescence etc. So far I have been quite successful. Here is where I go to find such books:


Newspaper Articles etc.

These are mainly reading lists that contain books in English that are translations of Japanese authors. They serve as good starting points to explore the authors, and often it is not hard to discover the Japanese original. Just bear in mind that for some of these books there is no Japanese original (because e.g. it’s a short story compilation only edited with the English translations). Some of the newspapers may have a reading limit.


Personal Recommendations

  • I ask basically every Japanese person I meet whether they have favorite authors or books. This of course covers a broad range of stuff so I need to filter this out a little bit by reading the book’s synopsis or something.

  • Book Club proposals (although many of the nominations fall in the undesired bracket of [Manga / Light Novel / Schoolchildren] - but sometimes there is an interesting book among them.)