Tired / Burnt Out

jpdb.io that @anon3564849 linked have vocabulary lists (with an SRS system) for different anime. This might be a good place to learn vocabulary to a specific series you want to watch.

You should be able to find a lot of good resources for listening from Listen Every Day Challenge (summer edition), there is both a couple of links in the main post, plus many more ones further down the thread at this post:

While this challenge is about to wrap up fully, an autumn edition will probably start beginning of October (if you are interested in joining in). (I say “will probably” because I’m not involved but I assume they plan to keep going with regular challenges.)

On a side note, if you’ve actually liked WK a lot so far, but you’re in a slump currently. I feel you. It might be good to spend a little (more?) time watching anime for a short time, not necessarily as studying, but to remember the enjoyment of Japanese and why you want to learn it. I find that taking those mental breaks—or at least focusing a bit more on the fun and less on what is feeling like drudgery—is a good way to bring back my motivation and enthusiasm for the learning part.