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So i am level 10 almost level 11(will level up today hopefully). I think my kanji has already covered JP5 and i like my progress here (even though i wish if i can move a little bit faster.)my grammer however hasn’t reached half of same category. I am not as excited to do grammer lesson or grammer reviews. It been already 2 month (more or less) since i have started. And i am not enjoying that to be honest. I tried to watch youtube grammer then started Using bunpro I am around 44 or 45 in grammer points. I know it is not meant to be easy or done in such short time. But does anyone have tips to make the journey more entertaining or to help me improving my progress.

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I tried Genki multiple times and could not get past chapter 3 or 4 because it just was not enjoyable. As a self study learner, I found this site most useful for beginner grammar because it is interactive. You can start anywhere and take up to six months to finish a section. Take the test to see where your current level is:
The tab for other learning sites may have just the thing you need if minato is not your style.


You can always try going through a textbook, and keeping pace. The vocab will be pretty easy to get through because of WaniKani, so you can focus on the grammar. If you find yourself struggling, gamify it for yourself. Make each chapter a level, and make it so you can only get to eat junk food (or doing something else you like) after increasing your level by 5.

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I had the same problem and had to just stop grammar altogether since I couldn’t focus on both at the same time.

What worked for me was to add some Japanese grammar resources to my Youtube time when I’m relaxing and watching videos. Sambonjuku in particular has been really good. You can start with the basics lessons:

The part I really like is the whole lesson is in Japanese and after you watch through a few time, things really start to stick.I was actually able to watch one of their N3 videos the other day and comprehend about 80% of it.

Watch it with the Japanese subtitles as well but try to ignore the English parts. The later videos have Japanese only subtitles and I wish it was an option on the earlier ones too.

The best part is that you’ll start seeing more and more Kanji you recognize as you go through Wanikani.

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