Completed first 10 Levels!

Wow i started my wanikani journey earlier this year and been loving it since then, although it does sometimes feel a bit overwhelming when before bed i have to make reviews but i always pushed myself and sometimes even manged to do 100+ reviews under 10 minutes ! Which each level i understand more and more words in anime that i watch every day and that feels very rewarding. I heard that the best level to start learning the grammar is around 10-20 but i guess ill wait till the 20 so that i can comfortably read through all the kanji in the textbook without having to look it up. With my current tempo i should get there in 3 or 4 months so i dont think i have to hurry with the grammar.

Are there any good places for training that you would incourage me to try? like reading the japanese twitter or is it still early if i dont know the grammar?


I personally don’t like reading twitter in general, but if you do, it could be useful. There’s a browser extension called rikaikun which might help you a lot with that.


thx ill look it uo

The best time to start learning grammar is immediately


Congratulations! But like what @MegaZeroX said, learn grammar immediately. Basic Grammar resources such as Tae Kim Grammar Guide and Genki 1 and 2 has furigana for all of the Kanji.


頑張がんば go for it


Congrats! It is up to you, but here some tips for you I wish I would know at the beggining of my journey. I would recomend you to finish at least N5 now, since it is the foundation part of the grammar. And you may already be able to understand a lot in anime. I also highly recomend you using kaniwani (free addition to wanikani where you have to do opposite to wanikani - translate English words into Japnese ones). It basicaly doubles the job, but it can help you remeber words from memory (an it is better to use Japanese input, so you may get used to recalling kanji and hitting spacebar a bunch of times ahahha). I also recomend you already starting listening to some podcast. It is not necessary to undrestand 100%, but I think it is better to understand 3 words out of 10, but without any subs, rather than getting all 10, but by watching at subs. My personal favourite It is not that diffucult and series are just 5-8 minutes long so you can listen it at almost any free minute (The other day I finished about 10 episodes waiting for my queue in hospital (Yeah, Russian medicine sometimes can be slow ahahha) ) To sum up: start to work on your listening skills and a little bit of grammar. I took my N3 exam this winter and even though I passed, listening section was like a hell to me (I was about lvl 30 but watched anime with jpn subs, which boosted my reading ability, not listening) By the way I am also celebrating today - got to lvl 60 a few hours ago. Wish you can also get to lvl 60 some day : ) 頑張ってね!


May I ask how you got those statistics?


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I’m finding tae kims book quite helpful for understanding the grammar. Apparently he offers everything in his book free online as well…

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I would start looking at online grammar resources if I were you. Better get those basics done and let them become internalized. Then start with simpler reading practice (kid’s media etc) and then move on to stuff you really wanna read.

Good luck! :+1:

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Wow thank you very much for the tips il make sure to check the podcast and the N5. Congrats on lvl 60, are you gonna do wanikani till all the kanji are burned or maybe even longer? If i maintain this tempo which is 10 levels in 3 months i should be over with this in summer 2022 which should be managable since i got a lot of time as a 17 year old :smiley:

98% accuracy? Do you have any previous knowledge?

no but i have quite a good memory and sometimes when i dont like the “stories” behind the meanings or readings i create for myself easier ones.

I am preparing for N2 this summer, so I am going to even increase efforts. Wanikani doesn’t contain all jlpt vocab, so I am currently using Torii (another srs app) where there are jlpt word lists with option to exclude wanikani words. Pretty handy. You’re lucky to be young ahaha. This is my final high school year and I am afraid I won’t have a lot free time in future.

Damn, my accuracy in comparison is 87%.

yeah im in 3rd year and got still 2 more since im in bilingual 5year highschool so hoping to get the most of it since college studies tend to be time consuming, good luck on the N2!

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