Time Spent

Hey Guys,

My old work P.C used to show in my Wanikani dashboard, how many hours I had spent in each level on my lessons and my reviews. Then, my employer replaced my pc. Now, I know longer see this information when I look at my dashboard. Therefore, I am guessing my old pc was running a wanikani script. I would like to have this again. Does anybody know how I can get it? Please help.

Perhaps [Userscript] Level Duration 2.0?


Thank you for your reply. However, I really want it to show the time spent in hours and minutes. Do you know if this script does that?

Time spent on a level in hours and minutes? I can’t think of anything, sorry. Would you be able to describe what it looked like perhaps? Maybe someone else will know what it was :thinking:

Also, have a look at the New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps, it may be on there.

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