Thursday July 27 2023 Content Updates


Before - Moved from Level 47 to Level 28 to prepare for future additions (note: we intended to do this movement a little later, along with the related additions - sorry for the lack of the usual advance notice! :bowing_woman:t3:)


Added (4) (3), (3), (3) to each other’s visually similar kanji list.

(25) - Added “effort” to the block list.

(34) - Changed the primary reading to kun’yomi, added し to the warning list, and updated the reading mnemonic and hint.


三日 (2) - Added “day 2,” “2 days,” “2nd day,” “second day,” “day two,” and “two days” to the block list.

入社 (5) - Added “starting at a company” and “start at a company” to the allow list.

細い (17) - Added “thing” to the block list.

反響 (25) - Added “reflection” to the block list.

構成 (25) - Added “complete” to the block list.

(34) - Updated the reading explanation.


Thank You Jenny.


Can you also add (Arrow), (Fault), and (Vermilion), which to me always looks like a cross between 生 and 午?

Along with 牛, I constantly get these mixed up, even now.

appeared in my lesson queue this morning, did this get moved or something?


Same. I also have 空 radical for sone reason but the only kanji that uses it comes at the next level.


Hi @wct! Did you mean you’d like us to add all three of these to each other’s lists, as well as to those of 生, 牛, and 午?

Thanks for pointing this out @pembo! We had been planning to move this soon, but it was accidentally moved ahead of time. I’ll add it to the list above.

Hi @mtlvmpr, we haven’t moved 空, but I’ll add it to our list of future movements, to bring it to the same level as 控.


Yeah, basically. To me they are very visually similar. The split legs of 失 are easily visually confused with the ⊥-shaped bottom of the otherwise identical 生, at least to me.

Hi @wct, 矢, 失, and 朱 were already on each other’s lists, but I’ve now also added them to the lists for 生, 牛, and 午 :slight_smile:

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Remaining Joyo kanji added to WK confirmed.


Yay! :partying_face: Thank you! :sweat_smile:

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Hello, what is a block list?

It’s a list of words that the WaniKani staff adds to explicitly fail that reply.

You probably noticed that WK by default allows you to make typos and it’ll fuzzy match your answer even if a few letters are off, but because of this sometimes it could accept a bad answer thinking it’s a typo. In these cases WK manually blacklists such meanings.

For instance 南東 means “Southeast” and has “Southwest” blacklisted (probably because otherwise the algorithm would consider “southwest” to be close enough and accept it).

国王 is monarch and blacklists “monarchy”.

I also think that blacklists supersede user synonyms, preventing users from setting an incorrect synonym by mistake. Not entirely sure about this one.

Thanks !! A good thing. Have a lovely day :disguised_face:

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