Friday April 22 2022 Content Updates


(5) - added かな to kun’yomi readings and こん to on’yomi readings.

(11) - updated radical components, meaning mnemonic, meaning hint, reading mnemonic and reading hint.

(6) - updated warning for reading し.


稼ぐ(45) - added “to save money” to block list.

土砂 (44) - added “sand” to block list.

断つ (23) - added “to quit doing something” as an alternative meaning, and added “to cut something off”, “to cut off something”, “to quit doing”, “to give something up” and “to give up” to allow list.

臭い (20) - added におい to the reading warning list.

(24) - added “forehead” to the meaning warning list and ひたい to the reading warning list.

〜付き (11) - added “included with” and “comes with” to the allow list.

捕える (27) - added つかまえる to the reading warning list and updated reading explanation to include that 捕える can also be written 捕らえる.

最終 (10) - updated meaning explanation.

有る (6) - updated meaning explanation.

居る (25) - updated meaning explanation.

有り難う (22) - updated meaning explanation.

保つ (9) - updated context sentence translation.

不良 (11) - added “poor” as an alternative meaning and updated meaning explanation.

(6) - added “aspect” to allow list.


Thank you, Jenny! :grin:


Thanks Jenny :durtle_noice:


Thank you, Kumirei


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You’re welcome, Ekg


No idea what’s happening, but thank you everyone!


Don’t worry, no one does. I’m sure they’ll eventually start hiding the first five or so posts in content update threads


My uncle works at Nintendo and he told me there adding 10 more levels to Wanikani


Thank you @SevenZeven!

Hi, @TofuguJenny

I can’t believe I just now noticed this one:

Currently, (ひろ • pick up) is level 11, but (す • throw away) doesn’t show up until level 32.

I somehow suspect I’m not the first person in history to mix these up. Any chance we can move them closer to each other, or at least mention the visual similarity but opposite meaning in the explanation for the latter?

Hi @Rrwrex, Thanks for pointing this out! We are working on ways to help differentiate tricky similar items like this, but we’re not sure moving them closer together would help (learning similar items together is thought to actually increase interference). We have the same concern for mentioning in the explanation - some people might not mix them up, and by mentioning it we could actually cause them to do so. Like I said, though, we are hoping to improve the way we deal with these, so I’ll add these two to the list!


For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed that over time similar confusion-pairs have tended to come up in my reviews at the same time, regardless. That’s what happened this time, too. It’s great when both are still actively being reviewed. Eventually I realize I’m confusing the two (or more) items and then I identify and memorize the distinguishing characteristics.

But if one half of a pair moves to enlightened or burned before the other, this kinda automagical grouping of items I regularly confuse becomes less likely or impossible.

By moving them closer, I meant still keeping them in different levels but closer than 21 levels apart.

I look forward to seeing what you folks come up with regardless!


Thanks for the input! I see exactly what you’re saying, and we’ll take note as we work on potential solutions.

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