This is the best community ever!

I agree that this community is really cool. I think one of the thing that make it work is that we have a common interest but the conversation is not limited to it. That means we get to know each other and chit chat. Subreddit or monotopic so you end uphaving the same conversation daily which is the reason why beginner questions are seen as an annoyance.

I am sorry to say that @HaseebYousfani but yes you should read the FAQ :slight_smile:

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You are completely right! Im also so impressed by how active the community is. When I saw this forum I was like…hmmm…let’s see if there’s anything interesting there. And then I saw 10000 fun posts - like WHAT? :heart_eyes_cat: I love it here!


We are lucky to have this community; but, I would still recommend to read through terms and common problems. [1]

Also, this community can be used to have fun for many other things than Japanese language. Therefore, Distraction Blocker script…

  1. Also, remember and understand them. While every single understanding can fail, not everyone can tolerate newbies. ↩︎