There is just something special about WaniKani

Hello all, first of all… this is my 1st topic. So I just want to say sorry if it’s worded or written badly but I had to get my thoughts out.

Even though I am only at lvl 3, fairly new and have only just started my journey through WaniKani and Kanji. There is just… something special about this site/place that I just can’t quite put my finger on.

I have used other sites and resources before in my journey to learn Japanese, i.e Duolingo, Memrise, Anki and even books etc (Admittedly not all for Kanji) and overtime my attention seemed to dwindle on all of them. Not because i lost interest in the language or anything but because… I just didn’t find it as useful or as fun as WaniKani.

So after using it for several weeks now, reading topics, doing my lessons and reviews and getting involved in posts in my own little way. I find myself oddly excited and looking forward to coming back here every day or several times a day. Just reading the posts and doing my lessons, genuinely excites me…To where I am looking forward to the next time and I don’t think many sites or communities have been able to do that for me… I feel welcomed and at home here, and for that… I think it’s special!

Once again, sorry if this has been done before but I just had to get my thoughts out even though I am fairly new xD
I plan to be around more and I am looking forward to getting involved on my journey to 60!

Thank you WaniKani!
Hope you all have a great day!


There is nothing like that special warm feeling that you get when you join a cult. :slight_smile:


I agree. I think the site is done with a lot of love and care.
The forum system (Discourse) is great, with gifs, multi quotes, etc.,
and there are a lot of cool people here who share interesting things.

Also, the gamification on WK is very well done, which we recently talked about here:


I started with duolingo for a month. A friend recommended me wanikani. Now I stopped duolingo and I’m all in on wanikani, beginning みんなの日本語 very soon.

All in all, wanikani helped me to get serious about my learning, and now I’m fully committed to pass the JLPT N3 next year and then keep going!


i also recommend Bunpro, which is basically WK for grammar, if you don’t mind another SRS and subscription.


Thanks! xD glad to be apart of it!

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Oooh! I didn’t know of this site xD thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.

The community is what made me choose WK over the other kanji study methods out there. Not to mention that all the scripts and apps make things much easier, too.


It’s set up in a way that really can make you excited to learn. The anticipation of waiting for reviews, the feeling of accomplishment as items move through the stages. But I think that’s really fostered by the fact that you can come onto the forums and share your accomplishments (or frustrations) with other people who understand. I swear it’s one of the most wholesome communities on the internet :heart: We’re all here to learn and grow and that becomes far easier when we can work together and pool resources.


for me, It’s both the community, and the way it’s presented. Most of the other sites I have seen, are very technical. They tell you what you need to know, how to learn it, and then that’s that. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong resources, but WK seems more fun. some gamification, funny and outlandish mnemonics, joining in a satirical cult. It’s all that put together in the system. Then there’s the community who supports you, and helps you learn, without judging and making you feel like just another number in the learning algorithm.




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