Is WK addictive or is it just me?

I live in Japan and am committed to learning the language. Also, I am aware that there is no escape from it anyway. This is my first post, I am on level4 with a monthly subscription and waiting for the sale to happen.
I have a general question though. Is WK supposed to be addictive or is it just me?
I tend to prioritize doing the reviews over some text messages already? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


For me, it is.


Its just you. I know I definitely dont check flaming durtles for new reviews every 5 minutes even though it tells me exactly when the next one is.


It’s gamified learning, it’s addictive for sure.


I once tried to plug WK directly into my veins. Then I remembered I’m not yet a cyborg and don’t have USB ports there. So I just kept getting my WK high the traditional way.

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I think it is for most users (who like it enough to continue to use it after level 3, I guess). But it probably also stops being addictive for most of those users at some point.


I wouldn’t say addictive but I do look forward to learning on this site a lot. I think its cos it shoves your progression in your face. Aside from having the apprentice, guru… ranks, when you do a lesson or review the numbers go down, when you see blue doing radicals you know you’re starting a new level, purple= learning real words etc.


Yes, I am hooked already.


Definitely. That is how Kis Greatness The Crabigator hooks you into the cult. Do not resist.


I was surprised by how many people on here actually live in Japan. Good luck with WK, considering it’s necessary for you to use Japanese. What part do you live in?

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I was definitely hooked in the beginning always itching for the next lesson/review. Now that I am getting busier with life and work WK has been a little bit on the back burner. At one point I had zero apprentice items with 120 lessons waiting for me. The kanji and the radicals are fine for me. But remembering vocabulary has always been my weak suit.

Although I have started to regain that itch after I finally pushed through the 120 lessons. Now I am just waiting for my reviews to get more lessons.


It is interesting to learn how people handle life with study. Being a mom of two young kids, I am sure there will be many many times I would have to keep myself away from WK. But to see people taking breaks and coming back is inspiring and puts my fear at bay.


Haha… If only there was such a thing!
But all level 60 people seem like my Gurus right now and I can only imagine the amount of patience and hard work you endured

I don’t really have an excuse not to study Japanese do to living and working in Japan. It is almost a duty I have to my fellow co-workers and to the people I interact with in the community. Just sometimes kanji gets put on the back burner as it is not the most essential thing for communicating with people in person.


You mean after reaching certain level of comfort in understanding the language ? Or is it just the newness evaporates ?

I think it varies by every person! I’ve been over WaniKani for a few levels now, but I don’t think I can say the newness evaporated at level 52. I don’t regret the time I’ve spent on WaniKani but I sure am ready for it to be over.

btw I’m not saying this to discourage new users of Wanikani who feel very energized in their WaniKani studying. I think WaniKani has been very necessary in my Japanese studies ^o^


It’s very addictive. I have trouble relaxing on my days off because I am constantly looking at the clock to see if it is time for my next review.


I do relish in the feeling of learning kanji and most vocab. I specially like those who make sense when you put the kanji together, like 地球. That is the best.
That, and when I get down to learning grammar and I find that I know almost all the kanji in the lesson. God bless.


So, I will be able to use those complicated looking Kanji by level 13? Deal then! I guess I am ready


For sure!
地 (lvl 6) = earth, ground
球 (lvl 12)= sphere, ball
–> 地球 = The Earth

I’m on level 17 rn, and I have to say that the kanji are getting much more complicated - 警察 ( けいさつ ) is on this level, and the 1st kanji especially is really, really complicated.