Theemastermind's Study Log (Intensive)

Mわ! My name is The Mastermind. I am 15 years old, I have decided to learn japanese for two reasons despite how “shallow” they are often perceived to be. I want to learn japanese because 1)Media, I consume a lot of japanese media, weather anime,music, normal shows and movies,Light novels,books,manga,history news, and more including social media. I feel that as japanese is so prevalent in my electronic time that which I am sure will consume more than half my life, I’d at least like to be able to understand a level to where I could read and listen without assistance. Oops that included my second reason. Also I LOVEEE language learning especially languages that don’t use the roman alphabet.

So far my goals are to:

  • Reach level 60
    -Be able to read advanced native texts
    -Be able to literate in the language
    -Be able to speak it
    -not neglect speaking for reading and vice versa
    -Prioritize education over memorization
    -Read new and old manga, novels, and books on my own
    -Pass N1, and complete duolingo japanese(I have duolingo premium), Reach level 60 WaniKani

So far I have
-Memorized hiragana and learnt it I recognize and can read and spell out things in hiragana in my mind but I dont understand what they mean (No vocab)
-Started Katakana but instead worked on making sure I had Hiragana down 100%

Some of my WEB resources:
forgot the rest TwT

Some of my App resources:
-HSK Vocabulary
-YT kids
-JLRPG Quest
-Satori reader
-Migii JLPT
-and a few more but they had kanji in the names so I didnt know how to write them.

Some of my content/Media resources:
-Pokoyo 日本
-Peppa pig
-Netflix and im tired of writing resources now TwT

My weekly goals are to:
-Practice listening and reading kanji,hiragana,and katakana 8 hours a week (Im homeschooled)
-Learn at least 10 vocab words a week
-work on numbers, katakana, and kanji

My monthly goals are to:
-Try to read a graded reader 2 times per month the first two and the last two weeks
-Take a NHK test at the end of each month
-Watch at least 5 hours of japanese content (No subtitles, vocab lists are fine as long as there’s no english

The goal of this Study log is to Track and share my progress ^^


I wish I had your energy level :sunglasses:

Go for it!

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That’s exciting for you! Good luck! I hope you enjoy learning the language :muscle:

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Day #2
TwT Today was kind of a busy day, since I was also working on some of my other hobbies such as chatting with friends,studying coding, and watching youtube tutorials.
I’ve already completed my weekly goals for the week.
Now i’m working on since I have all of the hiragana memorized and I think I can say them all in my mind if I think, Btw I forgot to mention I created a second netflix account 1)for kids 2) In japanese, so far consistently when I wake up Ill groggily walk into the living room and turn on…Cocomelon, or watch youtube kids (I followed a whole bunch of japanese creators so my recommended content is primarily japanese, sadly not 100%.
When I watch japanese media I now consistently catch on when I hear basic words/sentences like むむ、わあたしわ と わたしの、あなた、あき、みどり、 and many more I just cant recall them because I guess I dont have them memorized TwT, Doing my duoling last minute.

Signing out ! 1/13/24


This, and a second youtube account with japanese, has been some of my best choices during this learning journey.

Good luck.


I wanna say the ADHD got to me but instead ill just say excuses my time management is…yikes let me get back on track guess I wont count the days I missed. Right now im juggling alg1-2 and geometry khan academy and others, Programming the Odin academy,code academy,MIT… I guess I better make a schedule to post at the same time everyday…
Also one of my grandmas got me a Japanese picture dictionary the only con is that its romanji…no furigana or anything just romanji and the original spelling.

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