The Unspoken WaniKani Tip

When I scroll down the WK Community, I see so many people talking about their long review session after work/school, and since no one is talking about this, it seems like a good tip to post about.

Don’t do one review session per day. Instead, do 2-3 review sessions each day.

This allows you to do a lot of reviews every day, without the mental breakdown of having to do 100+ reviews in one sitting. It also allows for you to not have to wait for a lower apprentice count before taking in a gigantic lesson batch. To give you an example of this in action, imagine leveling up. You have 100 apprentice before leveling up, and now you have an additional 40 lessons. The average person who is doing one review session per day is going to probably wait to lower their apprentice count to 60ish and then take the lessons. This makes the person lose potential time loss in return for mental sanity. It’s a good trade, but it could be better. If you do 3 sessions a day, you can spread out your reviews into 60 review segments. This then allows you to do fewer reviews per session, but more reviews done per day.

I personally tried this doing 3 sessions a day on weekdays and 2 sessions a day on weekends. Because I am doing more sessions, I end up being able to do 60-70 reviews per session. This is allowing me to take up 150-200 apprentice if I need to.

If you see that one session is having too many reviews in it, just do as much as you can and let the rest slide to the next review session, which is only a few hours in the future.

Finally, try to spread out your sessions. I personally like to do one in the morning, lunch, and in the afternoon. For 2 I do morning and afternoon.

I hope this might help some people shave off some months on their WaniKani journey, so have fun, and remember to burn those turtles.


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(A very comprehensive guide by @jprspereira that is referenced in several threads every day regarding efficient studying methods on WaniKani)


This :sweat_smile:

It’s quite possibly the most common tip given regarding review efficiency ^-^


i like to do my 250+ reviews in one go because I hate myself


I also think frequency is important. For me is the morning when i wake up the best time because i m most concentrated, compared when i come tired home from work. At this time i m almost twice as fast and also more accurate, hmm…

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What a sound piece of advice!
I wish I would’ve allowed myself to take it when I was doing WK. But no, I had to do 300+ reviews per day… in one sitting. And let us not even bring up the final fast levels, where I would easily have 500+.

If by “unspoken” you mean frequently spoken about… :wink:

But in any event yes this is good practice. Best if 2 review sessions can be 12 hours apart with the third somewhere between them. Makes the most of when cards come up for review, especially hitting the first few ones “on schedule” to get them to stick in memory.

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Sometimes … confusion can be your sharpest weapon. :wink:

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