The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

Yes, it does in RAW.

Okay I made a semi big structure change, the only thing really not organized now is the apps and learning games. My internet is bogging and I got too tired to go on. :disappointed_relieved:

May be useful for OP.

I found some more resources’ - Looks like it’s an alternative to anki but set up in a lesson structure of decks, looks interesting trying to sign up :point_up_2:t6: and I’ll let everyone no how it is


I added some more podcasts, descriptions, and changed the links to on the named to target the shows websites. I added links to the iTunes page as well (:green_apple:) and the RSS feeds (:satellite:) when available.

Often Japanese radio show don’t have feeds at all, and require you to listen to them using either a paid service or their web players.


Oh! It looks like it was trying to teach you three different kanji that look similar at once. Must be why you deleted that…

Basically from having used it its supposed to show/ go through the sentence with linking the kanji together but it does it one at a time, so it starts off with one - ichi , then it goes to person - hito , then it goes to street and nine ect so the sentence changes slightly and turns into a progressive sentence and story like, i suppose its to be more memorable. If you followed the tutorial it explains its self perfectly. But yes I definitely found it slightly confusing at first. I used it for two days so far and have 75 worth or reviews. :sob:

Most confusing and annoying tutorial ever. I didn’t like it at all. So it’s just flash cards but imo Anki is way better and free with more content and options so yeah. Front page is really professionally made tho. Special thing is that you can read English sentences with more and more 漢字 words while you learn more, so it’s like hitting 二birds with 一stone.

It’s nice to see new things coming anyway even this is not for me (and maybe lacks on new idea department). Some site using voice recognition would be cool if there isn’t one yet. It would be nice to have virtual anime teacher who would do interactive voice reviews. Just a matter of time.

hitting 二 birds with 一 stone.






I know that the expression is「一石二鳥」, but I want a good literal translation from English.

編集: I added “no longer supported” to the entry for Rikaisama because, according to the website, it is no longer supported.

Considering the size of the list, I think we should just remove items that are no longer supported. You can see from the frequency of link visits that people don’t scroll past the Kanji section. Beyond the Kanji section, if the resources aren’t used, I think it’s better to keep it brief and recommend the ones that have outstanding community recommendations.


I’ll throw this here in case someone finds it useful, someone mentioned it on Memrise forums.

I haven’t tried it myself but looks like a decent resource so thought I’ll throw it in the pile.

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Hello! What a variety of resources–can’t wait to get into them. Thanks for aggregating them all!


Edit Alert:

I Updated the Writing practice section of the Wiki to reflect that Lang-8 was no longer accepting new members, and added HelloTalk to that section as well.

Noooo, you actually can’t sign up anymore. I was putting off signing up because I didn’t think I was ready to use the service. HiNative doesn’t seem nearly as useful.

I’m in the same boat as you. It is what it is. Obviously I can’t speak on behalf of Lang-8 but I’m sure there are plenty of other sites with similar things going on. Excited about checking out HiNative

Great List Thank You

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Added Japanese to English section under Online dictionaries

  • Moved here
  • Moved Tangorin here
  • Moved Romajidesu here
  • Moved Tanoshii Japanese here
  • Moved JDIC here

Added Japanese to Japanese section under Online dictionaries

  • Moved Goo here
  • Moved KotoBank here
  • Moved Weblio here
  • Moved ALC here
  • Moved Zokugo-dict here

Prioritised order listings in alternate dictionaries, Japanese to English, and Japanese to Japanese sections

Duolingo now has Japanese for English speakers available in App form. Not sure yet if it will be any good, but it’s free with ads. Duolingo

Added it to App Textbooks for now, since it’s only available for iOS