The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

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Yeah! Sorry, I don’t how that happened…

I was indeed talking about the Core 10k deck. I’ll rephrase my question below:

Does anyone have experience with the core 10k deck or anki in general? I was wondering if I would be able to reasonably finish core 10k in around a year, by doing 30 new cards a day. Is anyone familiar with how much of a daily time commitment this is going to be?

In my experience 30 cards a day is very doable, especially when it’s sentences so that you have an easier time getting the meaning from context.

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Thanks for the support! I’m on day 2 and no problems yet. But if WaniKani has taught me anything, it is that when you get deep into SRS, that’s when the real fight begins.

I’m doing Core 10k breakdown starting from my current level; doing in batch of 25, focusing on JP->EN, EN->Kana (no JP->Kana). I’d say 50/day is doable. Finishing in 1 year is possible, including Level 61.

For Kana-only vocab, I plan to study through JLPT vocab list, not Core 10k.


I think you should add rikaigu to the “rikai” browser extensions, Shiawaseさんー

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It’s a Wiki, so you’re welcome to edit it yourself if you feel comfortable, but I added it! Also checked it out, I’ll consider switching to it, but I’m a little hesitant.

Oh, this new Wiki function… It is new to me… Thanks for telling me! Just when I think I have this Discourse thing figured out lol.

Also, just wondering, why are you hesitant to switch? Is there something you know that I don’t? :eyes:

Just when I thought rikaigu gave me 幸せ… I’m feeling a bit more 不安 now…


Oh no, I just have like, fear of change, unfamiliarity, uncertainty, etc. I’m a fun, ridiculous person like that. Even though I know I can just change it back the instant I want… I’m like “but what if I miss something in that time?!” or “but what if something different (lacking) and I don’t notice?!”


It’s a good thing Discourse automatically records all the wiki changes.

[Edit] It may be stressful knowing that other people have changed something you care about without you noticing, is all I meant, @Shiawase.


Oh I was talking about switching from Rikaikun to Rikaigu and how I’m weird about little stuff that in the long term won’t affect me to do, sometimes… unless you weren’t replying to me?

I added which is a great Windows 10 app for writing practice, tests and word searches. It will work with mouse and touchscreens but having a tablet and pen is the best option. Amazingly good for a free and ad-free app. (I am not the author.)


Just want to pop in and say thanks for all these, lots of places to turn to, to get more knowledge is good!

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Tested this out. Really like it. Thanks.

Mirai Japanese
Mobile app
Audio lessons (beginners, elementary)
Grammar, vocab, kanji
5 Lessons free, then paid
(50% student/teacher discount)

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Thanks, @Learnme!

It seems like you’ve used it personally. Are you able to provide a little anecdote as to why you’d recommend this? There are so many resources; it’s starting to get out of hand and I think we can help people choose by showing things that may or may not appeal to them.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Android resources, such as Human Japanese but I haven’t enjoyed the rigidity of the programs structure. How does the “Personal Japanese Tutor” work, it looks interesting?

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It’s the only course so far that I continue, because it doesn’t treat me as mentally retarded AND it’s not boring at the same time

It will be a good choice if

  • you’ve got little to 0 knowledge of Japanese.
  • you like audio (with no video) lessons
  • you like studying while walking/doing chores
  • you like 1) ‘listen-repeat’ 2) ‘now say it yourself’ patterns
  • you can’t do a course if the voice is freaking you out
    (3 very pleasant and calming voices!)

Even though by lesson 13-15 it became more difficult to follow, I believe it’s mainly because of the grammar I’ve never heard of before.

Not a good option for kanji learning. Do recommend for grammar and vocab!

Tests after each lesson and each module. Romaji or kana option for lessons and tests. Vocab flashcards you can select and review.

That’s how the transcript looks (you may follow it if you can’t discern some words, sounds). An English voice for explanations (quite detailed), 2 Japanese voices (male and female) for examples.

P.S. You also get food badges for achievements and your teacher is a penguin.

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Wait, what is this?
Nevermind, looks like you’re talking about Mirai

@ryan2 - were you going to work on the structure based on that table of contents you made? Or do you mind if I start working on it? I’ve got some time today

Yes, by all means. I’ve been a little busy and have resorted to just collecting resources by book-marking people’s suggestions.

Make sure you store a copy of the wiki in isn’t current form somehow, just in case. Discourse doesn’t seem to provide the markup in it’s history.

It does in RAW, no?

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