The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

I didn’t mention that I couldn’t get it to accept my IME converted Japanese for that sentence either! I could only get it to accept unconverted romaji (pretty sure I typed “gaisha” but maybe not). Weird that it wouldn’t accept the kanji, though.

Anyway, it’s not for me but I do like the ideas behind the service and I can see how it might be valuable to you and others. I might try again someday.

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Yeah it’s a bit inconsistent. For French, I have to type the correct sentence, complete with accent aigu, grave, circonflexe, and cédille. For Japanese, the correct sentence using kana and kanji is not accepted, we have to use romaji. For Taiwanese Hokkien, I can’t enable typing at all.


I can’t help but wonder, why this topic isn’t pinned to Resources - WaniKani Community yet.

More generally, maybe most topics with Wikified first post might be considered to be pinned.

The reason I am visiting here today, though; is to find where I can find online Japanese grammar textbook, written in Japanese (which is easily the counterpart of Japanese dubbed Japanese grammar on YouTube)…

Another thing I want right now is, better sentence resources than Tatoeba, or smarter sentence search engine in general (which I indeed saw on this community from time-to-time).

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I’d recommend a textbook on Japanese Linguistics in that case. I’ve never read one in Japanese, but it sounds like it might be what you want. The content might be quite difficult. Maybe a Japanese grammar schoolbook for junior high school or senior high school could also work?

Sounds like you want Youglish
Look up a word of your choice and you can hear it in context, most likely from a native speaker.

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Are you maybe thinking of Massif?


I will consider if I get one digitally, as I want to avoid keeping or waiting for delivery of papers.

Actually, I am reading this one currently, but too early to celebrate (as I don’t know if I can keep my learning regular - I started my grammar diary just now, nonetheless) (And that website is only up to N4…)

You see, it’s not like I can’t read Japanese, more like I can’t understand well, nor can I reproduce well.

I appear to saw one before, like NINJAL, or…

As I tried to ask, I found one in my browsing history :exclamation:

I also saw this one, but don’t know a best way to use it. -

Actually, now I found several in References: section as well. Of note:-

Translated to English, but I still like it, would be Japbase.


I updated a little as I see fit (and immediate for my needs right now), in particular

  • :books: TEXTBOOKS AND GRAMMAR >> Online
    • Have an online Japanese resource in Japanese moved in
    • Add Sentence resources section
      • Also added ImmersionKit, and link to Anime Context Sentence UserScript.

And yeah, some of them are moved from :notebook: GENERAL PRACTICE AND TESTS section.

If curious, WaniKani Community (Discourse) already has diffing engine built-in.

@wanikani how about pinning this topic? (Mega-list of) additional resources are essential to Japanese learning journey, anyway.

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Not sure if they are what you are looking for, but I use weblio and for sentence examples fairly often these days.


Weblio EJ-JE was helpful to me just now, as it can search something more phrasal, although there are indeed a mix of something else.

I haven’t tried before, but it supposed to use DeepL with native Japanese sentences? It seems to default to bidirectional, but it can be chosen to prioritize better Japanese sentences (unidirectional JE).

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Yeah, I’ve found both most useful if I start with an exact phrase and then gradually relax/shorten the search terms. I don’t think either have any sort of advanced search capability (at least I’ve not discovered them).

I expect that linguee is simply a searchable front end to the training data for DeepL but I have no proof of this.

ANY searchable corpus of professionally translated sentences is incredibly useful, of course, but it would be wonderful if there were some way to limit results to a specific verb conjugation (or not) in either language, for example.

Let’s ask the @Mods what they think. I believe they have more influence than the :crabigator: in making changes around the forum.


Pinned it in this Resources category!


Thank you, Jen!


Thank you, Kumirei!


I made a new thread for my own list of Japanese YouTube Channels specifically, and I was told I should share it here Gfaster's Japanese YouTube channels


Where should this go? Under reading or resource portals or somewhere else?


Is this better than the (free) mpv player to Anki version from here?
I can’t make it to work though…

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I’d say if you’re using Yomichan, the Animebooks route is probably the best way to go, especially as there’s a browser extension that appears to allow adding screenshot/audio/subtitle to the Anki card.

For anyone using Migaku, I’d say Migaku MPV works well with the subscription-based Migaku browser extension (necessary to get screenshot/audio/subtitle added to the card). Except, this one doesn’t seem to work for me at the moment, as exporting to Anki isn’t working. I haven’t made cards from anime for a while now, so I don’t know how long it’s been broken for me.

There’s also Migaku Player, which is built into the Migaku browser extension. This one I can’t figure out how to load subtitles into, and their how-to video doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Considering Migaku switched from plans to open source everything to keeping things some things closed source and subscription-based, I currently am less likely to recommend Migaku’s software if there is a free (and open source) alternative that does the same thing.

Once they finish their big overhaul they’ve been working on, this may change.

Disclaimer: I use the Migaku Browser Extension daily and do prefer it for creating Anki cards from reading material.

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It’s probably the best way for people who read Anime. I am not in that group and want to export subtitles from general movies, especially Godzilla.
It’s possible that I don’t have a clear understanding what “Animebooks” is though because I just started the automatisation route yesterday and am still struggling to make some things work.

But the amazing thing is, it works to create Anki cards from Yomichan as a principle! That’s much more than I was expecting to achieve :grin:

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