The practice of writing reviews

hi there. hope you’re having a nice day.

so i was fed up on the possibility that my reviews would be stck to the phone. so my past post talked about how to practice that. i tried a bit of suggestions that were easy, but nothing truly got through to me as “OHHH! i can read this alone now” since i am still at a relatively low level. (actually nevermind, all i actually tried was the google maps suggestion. makes me want to do it on PC right now again)

so i took some paper and started writing the last few reviews i took. it felt good doing that. i do not look at my paper on non review times. however i dont really follow stroke order. of course theres a natural feel for me to the strokes but there are times i find that the stroke order of my feeling is wrong for harder kanji.

sometimes i would like to add my own comments, maybe out of context just coming to mind from seeing some kanji. or maybe about outer references. i find the personal mnemonic space provided by wanikani inefficient since its always at the bottom of the view section. written thoughts are more flexible and comprehensible for me, and i feel them more. its also typewritten. some of you have probably heard how writing gets through to getting information in your head, or something along those lines.

any further tips for me to really suck up the benefits of this method? also, is there a trick that can be used to save more space essentially? as it is temporary and just a test, i did everything on pad paper.

thank you!

notebooks are cheap and can last you forever.

i learned mandarin before so stroke orders are not a bother, and i can still picture the kanji fairly well in my head atm. This might change in the future lol.

It does help when you’re writing it down. It’s more fun compared to typing it on your pc! I dont do it often though.

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