I have returned to WK!

Heyo friends :smile:

I’m back on WK! Over the course of about two months I’ve climbed thousands of due reviews and lessons. I’ve been on-and-off’ing WaniKani for year. In the beginning, I started WK so I could study anytime while serving in the military. I had to stop as the training progressed and got really intense. And when I finished my service, my review routine died along it. It’s been so frustrating to have forgotten words I knew before, but by the same token so satisfying to still remember words I practiced in -30 degree weather at night in the middle of woods. That’s the power of WaniKani. :grin: Coming back I’ve also realised how crucially important it is to study Kanji and their mnemonics throughoutly from the get-go, instead of trying to speedrun the lessons. Trust me, it saves time going slow on the lessons.


My future plans include a language course and JLPT in Japan next year. I hope to complete N3 kanji by then.

PS. How have you guys combined writing practice with WK? I’m really lacking in the writing department and I also can’t seem to learn a good pen grip.

Never give up! Getting back on track with forgotten levels and piles of reviews is possible!

Are you around the same level as me? Drop a reply I’d love to follow your journeys as well :innocent:

Best wishes,

  • Vuoris

Nope, but well done fighting those reviews - I know how intimidating a huge pile of reviews can be after a break! Welcome back :durtle_hello:


Someone recommended this site in here (don’t remember who sorry) but they’re these printables that you can use to practice kanji, I find them helpful so:

kanji.sh link

Hope this can help!! :slight_smile:


Wow thank you so much for this!! Exactly what I was looking for! :smile::books:

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