The new update is actually good

I’ve seen a lot of people hating the new update and while I was sceptical of the new update, I think I’ve really come around and I’m beginning to understand the thought process behind a lot of the changes.

First, while I wasn’t such a huge fan of the removal of the manual burn override, I never actually used it much anyway. It got in the way more than helped.

Second, the inclusion of the new regenerate settings are fantastic. We’ve been asking for item regeneration for years and they’ve finally answered our requests.

Third, the reduction of the SRS windows by 18% really helps. The new users were completely right. WK is too slow, and giving us our reviews faster will help us to reach fluency much faster.

Lastly, deleting any items we get wrong entirely helps so much with confidence. If we get an item wrong, no worries, we don’t have to review it again.

Also, from a technical standpoint, because of the implementation of Opal Script, the entire site runs much faster now. Reducing the number of insertions made per request makes a huge difference in performance. I assume the devs have had to re-distribute the environment packaging to recuperate the request channels, which was just impractical before.

I think for these reasons, the new WaniKani update is perfect and it will truly help us all reach fluency in Ainu in no time at all. Thanks WK!

ps Happy April 1st!


You missed my favourite parts!

The removal of radicals beyond level 4 has improved my quality of life 10 fold. Why should I learn to recognize the components of kanji when in the end the kanji is all that matters?

The option to remove SRS intervals entirely is also remarkable. Previously I had to wait at least 6 months to burn an item (ugh, how annoying!). Now I can do lessons, then immediately do all 8 reviews to get the item to the burned stage. This saves a ton of time as I no longer need to check the meaning and reading when the items come up for review. How wonderful!


I like the built in extra study function that makes you fail alot of your burn candidates due to lack of undo-button. But you get to do the card for another 6 months, yippieee. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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