The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

Reminds me of Lightning Mode which has been integrated into Double-Check

Does anyone know of a script that can change the “J” key to toggle between the different audio pronunciation clips (plays the next one each time you press “J”)?

Something like these? They’re in Kumirei’s Userscripts thread if you’re interested.


Yeah, that’s perfect, thank you :slight_smile:


Who are you talking to?


Just talking to myself.


Your post seemed directed at someone in particular, and at the same time not mentioning anything about what exactly you’re having a problem with, in a general thread that exists mostly just to store an updated list of all userscripts and apps. So it came off as out of place. Did you accidentally post in the wrong thread?


Based on their recent posts, it has to do with the reordering scripts, so it’s probably targeted at Kumirei. It seems like they’re getting help on the correct thread now though.

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Is the WaniKani Kanji Review Vocabulary List add-on not on this list? It still works and it’s one of my favourite addons (memorising kanji in isolation after learning it in context is silly to me). Maybe I’m blind but I couldn’t find it.


Presumably @ChristopherFritz never added it to the list