The movie カメラを止めるな! (aka One Cut of the Dead)

A friend of mine just pointed me to this awesome movie. It’s a sort of zombie comedy, the type of which saying much about the plot gives away the fun. Easily the funniest Japanese film I’ve seen. But what my friend didn’t know was, even for someone relatively low level like me, I was able to follow along with a surprising amount of it–much of the dialog isn’t too hard. It’s subtitled, but it was both fun and helpful as a listening exercise, and there are (as always) pieces you get from the Japanese that are lost in translation.
Unfortunately, I can only find it in Amazon’s “Shudder” channel–not available for purchase in the US yet. But you can do a seven day free trial like I did. :wink:
Just thought people might like to know, if you’re up for practicing your listening.


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