The Mountain

It’s been a tough few months.

This semester was my last semester of college, and I foolishly rushed to put classes that I found interesting and would teach me useful skills onto my schedule, rather than concerning myself with the difficulty of said schedule. Between that and work, I found myself without the time to devote to WaniKani. About two months ago, reluctantly, I turned on vacation mode. I’ve learned to fear this button from experience. Bad things happen to your correct percentages after even a week or two.

After a few weeks, my fear overtook me, and I turned vacation mode off. My workload hadn’t been reduced, and now I was rusty. It was a mistake. I had to turn it back on before too much damage was done.

Now? I’m graduated, a few weeks away from starting my new job, and sitting on a ton of time. I’ve taken the chains off the Crabigator, but I wasn’t prepared for what faced me. Yesterday, I turned vacation mode off. Today, I face this:

What is a man to do in the face of one thousand reviews? Hide? Restart from level one? Turn vacation mode back on and slowly abandon hope?

No. Today I face this mountain with a pick in my hand. Today, and tomorrow. And the next day. And as many days as it takes to reduce it into neatly sorted mounds of rubble. Pray for me.


You can do it!

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I’m kinda scared now because almost all levels (except 1 or 2?) from 40 and onwards can be completed in 3 days if I do all of the kanji and radicals on the first day. I imagine I’m going to get something ridiculous like 400 reviews per day.


Worry not, even with the old version, I got days at 400+
You can probably reach 500+


Don’t do that o:

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No need to be scared of 1000+ reviews. It will maybe take one or two weeks to get back to normality. Much less than a complete reset to level 1 :laughing:


If it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work.



Ha, I thought this post was about GOT though it reads equally dramatic…just don’t get arrogant and get your eyeballs crushed in when your not looking when fighting the Mountain. Also watch out for the super zombie mountain that comes back a hundred times stronger!

Seriously, 1000 sounds like work but do-able. I had 700+ a few weeks ago and not so bad at all. Congrats on graduating!


A thousand reviews seems like a lot, but really isn’t in the big picture.

How many total reviews have you done so far to get to level 33? I’m at level 10, and have done 17,000 to get here. Let’s assume it scales linearly to get a ballpark estimate, in which case you’ve probably had 56,000 or more.

What’s another paltry thousand on top of that?

If it were me I think I’d do blocks of ~100 reviews, maybe 2-3 times a day, and just whittle it down. That’ll be what, a week or so? Hardly any time at all in the grand scheme of WK study.


This is actually something you can find out thanks to!

I have done 238,542 reviews so far

praying intensifies :pray:t4:
I have 525 reviews right now: the only thing I can think about is how please I am that it’s a mutiple of 25, the square of my favourite number. And a palindrome o:


5 is your favorite number too?


My bröther where have you been


Oh, for sure. When I’m into it I can do 300 in a sitting. But that’s when I’m regular and averaging 80-90% accuracy. As rusty as I am now, it’s much slower goings.

I know that other people have made it through this! Give it a try. Pace yourself with a certain number at each sitting.

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It’s ok (even desirable!) to be “rusty” after a long break. That’s what SRS is for! Good luck!

quite some people went through it and survived. i fought back a 1800er mountain, and you can do it, too. just stay on top of it and next time, be better at time management :wink:

The mountain’s already been reduced to a particularly tall hill. I’m shocked at how quickly I’ve gotten back into the swing of things. I feels almost like a lot of my accuracy picked back up not from being reminded of the meaning or reading of words, but by being used to doing reviews again in the first place. And it’s a lot more possible to sit down and do a hundred reviews at once again.

Gimme a couple more days, and this mountain will be a molehill.


You can do ittttt!! Congrats on getting that mountain smaller already :smiley:

good job, you’re going places :slight_smile:
stay strong!