~ The Level 15 Curse ~


Break the level 1-59 curse next


Noticed I am on Level 15 and had a nice burn session today. I passed NLPT 2 years ago but did not keep up with studies. Still mostly review but WK is finally beginning to get interesting. Certainly kanji I am learning for the first time for vocab I know already.The example sentences are very good reading also.

Feels like a long road ahead…


Are you stalking me? :rofl:


But can they break the level 60 curse?


I personally believe it’s not possible. Even Leebo’s been unable to do so. Some say he’s been stopped by the Level 60 curse several times over.


Why would you quit? There’s an easy motivation: money. I have to pay for this service so I’ll be damned if I don’t use it.


I see what you did there hahahaha, love it


Cant say I noticed any curses out there, no doubt its hiding waiting to pounce when im at my weakest.

I do have some cursed leeches though. Note to self, get the repaired leech script :thinking:


I can image that’s when the motivation in some people might die off or where people realise they’re not that serious about Japanese.

Funnily enough, according to wkstats, level 15 was the quickest level that I completed.


I think I recently suffered from a level 18 curse …
I usually level up in about 8-9 days but level 18 threw me off for some reason and it took me 11 days XO


Finally having reached level 15 myself and feeling the “painful” I just found this thread and wanted to leave a

yay!!! :tada:

Keep pushing through :muscle:


I found this thread way too late, and I’m not sure what would cause this, but I actually did not experience the curse. However, I did have a lot of free time around that period. So maybe that’s what allowed me to avoid that? Also, I was living in Japan back then.


there is no curse. there’s a critical mass of leeches that hamper learning new content, and there’s waves of old items cycling through, and many lvl 10-20ers experience it for the first time and call it “curse”.
i call it “challenge”.


Kinda same here - not including 1 & 2, Level 15 was my second shortest level after 14 - I had no idea about this “curse” and I think the whole thing is a buncha 牡牛くそ. I read a reply earlier of someone saying “It’s only a curse if you believe it’s a curse” and I couldn’t agree more. Just keep plowing through those lessons and reviews - keep slaying those leeches and put an end to this Lvl.15 curse myth.

mic drop… ?