The Durtel rescue

Did you ever ask yourself where the review Durtel is taken by the rescue team of Durtels?
I’m asking myself this every time I do my reviews, and I’m so curious that I really thought about letting my reviews grow only to see where it is taken to, but I also don’t want them to pile up too much …
That’s the farthest I saw them go:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-27 um 20.15.10

Soooo I thought maybe someone here missed some (a lot) of their reviews and could end my suffering with some exclusive knowledge :eyes:


There is a thread somewhere that collected all of the illustrations…

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Omg thank you so much! Now I can die in peace (somewhere in 90 years )

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We never actually see the 500+ lessons picture in that thread though. At least that I noticed.

It’s in post number 7.

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All I see in 7 is the 30+ lesson picture?

I don’t know if my phone isn’t showing all the pictures?

Assuming it’s in there, maybe someone could just repost it here.

It’s the next post that has it. 8

Wait! Skip that!

I found it in post 19 under a spoiler tag. We good.

Edit: It’s also just the 250-499 lessons pic, but the Crabigator’s eyes are closed. Hard to get, but not exciting.

I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed they don’t arrive somewhere

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I only now realize you were looking for the lessons picture :sweat_smile:

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