The dread of failing

Keep at it. I’ve been doing this for almost a year and a half and I don’t even bat an eye at 50% on my first review after lessons anymore. I just spend a bit of time on each of the ones I fail and move on.

Think of it like this. The time to learn the lesson is during the whole Apprentice cycle, not just when you go through the lessons.

The failures are just filtering out the items that need more time. The SRS will do it’s thing. :wink::+1:


Thank you so much for your response, I appreciate it a lot :slight_smile: I’ll definitely begin limiting the lessons to try and give myself a breather, especially with what you said about how things tend to get a bit harder around level 9. And you’re so right - usually when I make a dumb mistake it sticks with me for sometimes 30min which usually encapsulates most of the session I’m doing in that moment. It absolutely affects my performance, but I hadn’t considered a break to cool down before! Thank you, I’ll definitely give that a go XD
And gosh, I relate to that a lot!! Sometimes I also get things wrong because I type too fast, e.g. hon-ya becomes ho-nya instead and I get it wrong XD
And you’re right, time and experience is what will bring me forward :slight_smile: I will try to remember everything everyone has said to me and put it all into practice. I’m so happy to be part of this community where, as you say, everyone is in the same boat. Good luck with your future lessons and reviews :slight_smile:

Thank you, you’re right of course XD I need to believe in SRS and its magic and let it run its course XD It’s good to hear the “self-loathing” at low scores early on gets better :slight_smile: thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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Just a little extra remark on writing: when you know how a character is written, it helps with reading semi-cursive (行書=ぎょうしょ) characters (the sort where the stroke order is mostly followed, but the pen/brush isn’t lifted as often between strokes). Without that knowledge, the character will probably look like a mess of scribbles. Of course, this doesn’t always work for cursive (草書=そうしょ) characters, because those are basically kanji shorthand, and they were created based on an old kanji script (imagine reading English written in Roman cursive). I think the only people who can read those fluently are calligraphers and people who use tons of kanji and need to write faster (e.g. people in Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong…). I certainly can’t. :sweat_smile: You may find it enjoyable to discover more about calligraphy as you go along. I follow the hashtag #kanji on Instagram, and I get short, one-character calligraphy videos every once in a while. It’s quite relaxing to watch. You can also try the #書道 or #shodo hashtags if that interests you.

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This isn’t an IQ test. It’s learning by rote. Actually, it’s probably the exact opposite of an IQ test. You just drill them relentlessly until they stick.


Thanks again for the advice :smiley: Shodo does in fact interest me and I follow one or two accounts on Instagram :slight_smile: I’ll take a look at the first cursive styles you mentioned and see if I can train my brain up to recognise those. Sounds like it works a charm for helping to get the kanji in your head :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your reply! :smiley:

Thank you, you’re right of course XD I’ll keep drilling :slight_smile:

Failure was my best teacher. Im currently living in Shizuoka. I failed to get into JET so I looked for other employment and found my current job. Im MUCH happier than pretty much every other JET I have met. If I didnt fail, I wouldnt be where Im currently at. My advice is that if you fail, try a different strategy. I often get hit by those days where my review accuracy is below 60%. I use the kanji function to check my lowest accuracy kanjis and then practice writing sentences with those. I found that WRITING the kanji and learning the stroke order really cements the crucial differences. for example 鳥 and 島 are pretty similar but have you seen 鳥 and 烏 ? Writing sentences gives you the added benefit of practicing grammar as well as stroke order. これから一緒に頑張ろうね!

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You’re on Level 9. That one took me forever to get through. Yes, I often have those moments of “I know I know that one, but now I can’t think of it!” Eventually, it will all click in your brain. Sometimes it just takes a while. Don’t fret about it, just keep working on it. You’ll get it.

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I know I am new to wanikani, but one thing helping me right now is reminding myself every time I get one wrong that that is the entire reason I am using this site… to learn. If I already knew it, I wouldn’t be here.

Failing is part of learning. An important part. And yes, that includes some reasonable levels of frustration. Because that is what tells your brain “hey, I really should remember this next time”. And eventually, your brain will get with the program for that item.

I hit level 2 today but I am waiting to do my new stack of lessons until I am comfortable with the ones I have already done. I know you want to do it all as fast as you can, but from what I know even the fastest take at least a little over a year. And it is better to not stress yourself so much you give yourself a block. Instead, give yourself a break. Just do reviews for a couple days, and not too many at one time. The lessons will still be there when you are ready for them :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch for your answer :slight_smile: I’m so happy it worked out so well for you, that’s really, really great :smiley: and you’re right, “failures” are often blessings in disguise. I suppose it often depends on perspective as well :slight_smile: That sounds like a great idea! I’ll keep that in mind - I like that it helps out with grammar too :slight_smile: thank you so much for the advice :smiley: I hope you continue to have a wonderful time in Shizuoka :slight_smile:

Thank you, you’re so right. I’m very happy to hear that though, that others struggled at this point too XD I will continue working at it and can’t wait for the day it becomes easier :slight_smile: thanks again :smiley:

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Thank you very much, your advice rings true :slight_smile: I will absolutely try to take it easier. And you’re right, I might as well accept now that I’ll likely take over a year anyway, so may as well make it a comfortable two years than an uncomfortable 1.1 year XD Good luck to you with your wanikani journey, and thank you ever so much for the advice and encouragement :smiley:

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Thank you, and good luck to you too! I am glad I could help :smiley:

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