Testing out

It’d be cool if Wanikani let you test out of things you already know.

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Short answer: because it’s designed for beginners. Try teaching a complete beginner quickly; doesn’t work.

Reviews are available by clicking the “review” part, which should have a number in it if there are reviews available.

– Is this the first thread complaining about the slow start since the new forums?


We were doing so well.

Also: If the issue is what I think it is, you need to refresh the page to get the links working. The timer changes, but the links don’t populate until you tell the site you’re ready for it. (Otherwise, you won’t have new lessons until you guru (practice enough times) the relevant radicals and kanji–you don’t get the whole level all at once).

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Sometimes I wish Koichi and the team would ban the sentence “why is Wanikani so slow?”… better yet, just ban the word “slow” XD

It’s not an unreasonable question. I get its use for beginners; I just think they ought to consider having a “test-out” section.

That’s what the first three levels are for…

And it kinda is, because there’s a search function, each to their own though.

Totally agree with you. Lol :joy:

It has an unreasonable amount of times this question has been posted though, Its in the FAQ too. The only thing that’s missing is a PSA in big bold letters and a bright noticeable banner, to make sure it’s the first thing you see when asking a question like that. It picks up the pace, really fast if you already know the kanji, after a bit you’ll get a hundred or two reviews here and there. It’s not for everyone.


One of the first things you’re directed to read addresses this exact thing, why they’re not going to change it, and also advises you not to ask about it. A quick forum search would have shown you the many, many, many times this conversation has happened before. It kinda is.

The test out idea might be nice, except the site sort of functions based on how each level works together and that each level isn’t entirely scaled to any particular system out there (N3 for example, doesn’t mean anything to what WaniKani level you’re at, honestly–it’s an entirely Tofugu system)–and that’s before getting into how their “radicals” are an in-house thing. If you don’t get the building blocks, then the higher levels where you really don’t know anything aren’t going to work for you very well. You can like it or not, but that’s part of making the decision of whether to use a product.

Look, it’s slow right now, I get it, I thought so too, but it won’t stay that way. Give it a few levels. The early ones go fast anyway, you just have less to do during them. Think of it as easing yourself into a new system. Take the extra time to get used to how it works and explore a bit.



If you’ve heard great things about how well it works or you can see the logic in it, then maybe you should just trust the people who told you about it and the methods of the site itself.
If you’ve heard nothing and you’re already frustrated at level 1, then why do you really want to use this site as opposed to the other books, apps, crap you could use (free and paid)?

Did somebody say…

At Level 4 but stilll seems a bit slow.
Progression question!
Wanikani isn’t as slow as I expected it to be and I am disappoint.
This website sure starts slow…
horribly slow for intermediate, any way to skip levels??
Why is this site soooo slow?!?!?!?
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Just started, why is it this slow?
Slow Start?
Pace is too slow for intermediate-level users.
Is it supposed to be this slow?
Is there anyway to speed wanikani up? I find this too slow.
Think WaniKani is slow? You’re not alone.
WaniKani is so slow!
Brutally slow feeding of new items and reviews for intermediate student
Pshh… This is too easy and slow!
WaniKani Is Too Slow!!!
WaniKani is so slow =(
WaniKani is so slow at the start!
speed too slow
About the first (infamously) slow levels
Does it start this slowly?
Wanikani painfully slow.
a bit slow to progress?
Why must it be so “slow”?
Slow progression
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way to speed up the lessons?
When will WaniKani increase speed?
is there any way to speed wanikani up?
Can I speed up the pace at WaniKani?
Is there ANY way to speed this up?
Speed up the first 5 levels of wanikani
The SPEED!!! of WaniKani.
Going through the start faster.
Can you study Japanese in a faster way?
ways to make the learning processes faster?
Is there any way to make this thing go faster?
Wish the intervals between reviews were shortened. Any tips on getting to the next review faster?
Not being able to continue/skip ahead
Is skipping from apprentice to guru/master/enlighten/burn possible?
Is skipping levels possible?
Suggestion: Skip Waiting Time
Skipping Levels (or making them quicker)
Skipping Ahead
Enough with radicals, why won’t kanji come already?!
Feel like there needs to be a more concise way for non-beginners to bypass content already known. 
The starting-as-non-beginner / placement-test / I-already-know-this thread
Already know a few kanji…
Suggestion: Assessing Levels of New Users


Oh man, you found the best gif for that.
So, soooo perfect.

@Crunderwood - XD
Love how you just plopped that fat stack down there.

To the OP - it starts slow. It may or may not be for you. Give all three of the free levels a try before you decide. You might as well, right? The little extra review shouldn’t hurt anything if you already know it all. Good reinforcement.

If you guys don’t mind, I’d like to give a more serious answer to this than, “Oh man, not another reference to the slow start…”

Personal anecdote, but here goes…

When I first made my account on Wanikani (actually in November of 2013, believe it or not), I had similar thoughts to the OP. I had learned 300 to 400 kanji using Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji, an accompanying anki deck, and mnemonics from the kanji.koohii folks. At the time, I had really gotten tired of hammering anki cards and knowing that I’d still need to learn the reading and the vocabulary for all those kanji separately later, so I was looking for a more comprehensive program with more structure, and Wanikani seemed to fit the bill…At times, it was annoying to see a bunch of kanji I already knew, but I just kind of went, “Oh well. easier reviews…” and basically glossed over everything Wanikani had to say about the things I thought I knew.

Now, fast forward a bit… I never jumped in and signed up for Wanikani back then mostly because of financial reasons (and partially because I was indecisive and couldn’t really decide what I wanted to do), and my Japanese studies eventually fizzled.

Now, here’s where things come full circle… As of about a month ago, I’m back in action, and I came back with pretty much everything from Levels 1 and 2 (the original free levels) up for review, and I was surprised by what happened. Amusingly enough, I started narrowly missing reviews for readings and meanings that I had long thought I knew, and while I was frustrated at first, the answer finally dawned on me: for all those years, I had two systems of remembering kanji jockeying for position in my memory, and those things I was sure I knew… well, I just didn’t know them the Wanikani way: I never really learned them with with patented Koichi Mnemonics (tm?) that tie everything together: radical into kanji into reading into vocabulary, all with that odd (memorable?) Crabigator sense of humor.

So, I guess, after that story that went on longer than it should have, my advice is:
Oh, you already know a bunch of kanji? Cool. Awesome. So… Learn them again. Yeah… Learn them again. Learn them again, and learn them better this time. Learn them in a package deal. Learn them in a better way. Learn them in a way that ties everything together and builds off itself. It makes a difference. I’ve tried it both ways, and I can tell you from experience that it matters, So yeah, just learn them again.

Yes, there is more than one way to go about this whole kanji deal, and yes, this way may not be for you, but if you’re going to do it… if you’re going to try the Wanikani way, I say just jump in wholesale, accept it for what it is, go all in, and learn them again. I mean, in the worse case scenario, what happens? You used some extra time learning some stuff you already know and reinforced that knowledge in a more thorough way? OK, doesn’t sound like a bad time to me…


Heyyy signed in for the first time in over a year since I was turned off by this site’s toxic community. I check my notifications and find your hateful toxic post linking to my post (which was just meant to help the site…not criticize it for being bad). Yeah! Great job! Let’s all cheer on and like toxicity!

You people make me sick…and should be ashamed of yourselves. Now I will criticize the site because of its poor community and lack of ability to moderate properly. This site is shit. The end.

Btw, won’t be surprised if THIS gets moderated while all of the hate towards new users (especially ones like me who were just trying to be supportive of the site) go unnoticed, or even SUPPORTED! What a disgrace

I don’t think anyone here was “liking” or “cheering on” toxicity. The point they were trying to make is that this topic has already been discussed 483695654694628542 times. One of the first things new users are asked to do is to check the FAQ page and to use the search tool if you have any questions. More often than not, the questions you have or topics you’re interested in discussing having already been answered/discussed. The fact that people continually ignore that and post their own new “this site is too slow” thread, is frustrating. No one is trying to be rude to you, they’re just trying to avoid having this topic come up yet again.

shh lets all pretend this post doesn’t exist. Ill pretend if you pretend okay?


And therein lies the problem. You lump in INDIVIDUAL questions all into the same group because of your own bias / prejudice. My post was not just “this site is too slow”, and for it to be brushed off and “just another post” was and is insulting, especially to users who are just trying to be helpful. Learn some manners. Clearly people on this site have none… sad. Gonna unsubscribe because I can’t stand continuing to read ignorance and others “liking” ignorance.