Test out what I already know?

I already know hiragana and katakana pretty well so when I start going through the mnemonics of the radicals it’s REALLY messing me up trying to learn a new word for a symbol like (two) or ni. Having to type out TOE for トis really sending me through the frustration ringer.

Trying to keep an open mind and power through these mnemonic lessons.


I know…I know…hULk sMasH

After you pass the quiz for a new item (basically get it right once), you can add synonyms if you like. There’s nothing wrong with adding synonyms for the radicals similar to katakana if you really want to (for example, ト gets the synonym of “to,” ノ gets the synonym of “no”).

But this can cause problems in a couple ways. First of all, there are kanji which look identical to katakana, and you’re just going to have to accept that their meaning and pronunciation is different from their kana counterparts.

Second, many of WaniKanis mnemonics won’t be as useful if you don’t memorize their names for the radicals. Not as much of a problem if you just make your own mnemonics though.

You can rename them with synonyms. I did that for all radicals that look exactly like katakana, myself.

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(Perfect gif… as I was also thinking of ヨ !)

If you’re upset about the kanakana ト and the radical ト looking similar but being two completely different things, all I can say to you is to brace yourself, it’s only going to get thousands of times worse than that.

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There’s a script to do this during lessons. I use it and it’s saved me several headaches and frustrations.

I did, too. :slight_smile:

Weirdly, I still used Wolverine in a couple of mnemonics, though… Specifically I remember him in “Combat”… or… er… one of those… words. Conflict? I imagined him in the cage saying “You want to start something with me, bub?” or some such… (but using the actual reading…) Huh… I have no idea. XD

… Maybe this is why I mainly don’t use the mnemonics, but rely instead on rfindley’s audio/visual approach.

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