Tenjinreader.com - Text-reader + Speech based SRS


I created tenjinreader.com over the last few months, its inspired from japanese.io and Houhou SRS. I hope you find it useful!

Text reader has features like vertical-text, furigana, lookup of meaning, sentences, and a clean interface.

It also has in integrated SRS feature with support of speech recognition, so you can do your reviews without typing the answers!

Please checkout tenjinreader.com for a complete list of features!

Update: Android app → https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blueimpact.tenjinreader

For feedback please open an issue on GitHub - dfordivam/tenjinreader: Full stack Haskell, Japanese learning app
(yes this is a completely open source app!)


オー!I have to give this a try :3


Hi! I’m checking it out right now; it looks really interesting! Is there a way to give feedback to the developers directly from the site?

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Added the github link… I think that should be good to give feedback.
Also I am the only developer :wink: haha

I like what I see but the reader really isn’t very responsive, takes a while to parse or even change sizing options. Looking at my cpu usage, it jumps massively any time I do anything in it.

Despite those issues, it does look very promising.

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Right… it is indeed a heavy app, suitable for use only on a laptop. (mobile will be very slow)
There is also a stripped down version of the reader (https://tenjinreader.com/static/app/readeronly/index.html) which will be better if you are just reading…
You cant flip through a book in the current version, but for reading its fine…

This is the sort of thing I was going to mention. Maybe I should try the stripped down reader? (I’m on a Chromebook.)

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I haven’t had time to have a good look at it yet, but it looks good.

Just a small comment:

しる しります (voice commands)

しっている/しってる/しっています are the usual way to say that. You are in the state of knowing the material.

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@musera @Saruko I have updated the app with a better version of reader which will hopefully consume less CPU. (Though it will still be slow, this is intentional to keep CPU usage low)

@Nath I have incorporated your feedback, Thanks!

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I have written a blogpost about the motivation behind tenjin reader…


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Just realized Tenjin Reader is featured in this month’ “New Japanese Learning Resources”!

Hope more people will find it useful!


I just checked out the site and I think it’s really useful, will keep exploring.

quick question, when using the reader is there a way to have the text display left to right horizontally rather than the vertical display right now? (hope that makes sense)

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Just started trying it out, I think it will be very useful to me! I really like the random sentences function, it’s a good way to practice reading without being overwhelmed by a longer text. Thank you for an interesting new resource!

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The horizontal layout is not available yet, though its perhaps a day or two effort to make it…

Haven’t tried it yet, but why Github login and not Facebook?

well its because the fb login was not implemented in the code library I used.

I dont use fb and I think even the people who created the authentication library also.

on the other hand github login is very important because many of the visitors to this site are actually developers who have nothing to do with japanese learning.

The reason behind this is that this app is a proof of concept for a really new and advanced technology call reflex-frp…

Oh, okay, just wondering. Good work, by the way. Have you built any public APIs?

hmm… public APIs for what?
In future i plan to do basic anki import/export…
And if useful, may implement export of pdf/epub/plain html with furigana…

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Hello all

Tenjin Reader now has an accompanying android app.
Please give it a try…

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