Ten Thousand and Mother Vocabs

Hi everyone,

I have just recently unlocked some vocabs for both ten thousand and mother, and am becoming somewhat frustrated. The two vocabs for ten thousand are [ma-n] and [i-chi-ma-n], however the hints for them are exactly the same, Ten Thousand. The same situation arises for mother with the vocabs [ha-ha] and [o-ka-a-sa-n], both of which have the hint Mother, Mom. Am i just supposed to guess which of the two vocabs it is asking me for, or am I missing something?

I will add that I have not been able to tell if WaniKani will just accept either answer. But I can say with certainty that at least KaniWani does not accept either answer. As even though the hints are the same for both vocabs, it only accepts one answer, causing me to fail those vocabs when they appear in my review as it becomes a guessing game of which vocab it is.

Would be grateful for any advice and/or tricks that could maybe help me with this!

You’re talking about KaniWani?

You can add synonyms, just like you can on WaniKani. Basically you can make the はは answer accept おかあさん or vice versa.

Alternatively, you can add “not okaasan” as a WaniKani synonym so it will show up in the はは hints for KaniWani.

But ultimately this isn’t an issue with WaniKani, so it’s not something they have control over.


Ahhhh, I did not know you can add synonyms and exceptions!
I will have to look into that, as that would be a massive help.

Thanks for the quick and helpful answer!

It’s like hundred and one hundred in English. The first you can put behind other numbers to make more ten thousands, the second you can’t.

一万 Ten thousand (1 ten thousand)
二万 Twenty thousand (2 ten thousands)
百万 One million (100 ten thousands)

はは you primarily use to talk about your own mother, and お母さん you primarily use to talk about another person’s mother.

In any case, all these words exist in Japanese, so you should learn all of them.


Thank you for the distinction about the use of the mother vocabs. Not something I was aware of, and I will keep it in mind! :smiley:

I potentially frased my question a bit oddly, but the main problem I was having was in the reviews with knowing when to use which when the hints are the same. But as Leebo pointed out, it is possible to add user synonyms, which I wasn’t aware of. This should hopefully solve my problem.

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Just a note on the WaniKani “not okaasan” synonym thing. It might take a little while for KaniWani to sync up with WaniKani.

Thanks for the heads up! I had already picked up on the fact that it syncs up once a day or so. So I will patiently wait for the new synonyms to appear in my reviews. :slight_smile:

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