Talking about the Book Club Vote Notification Thread

Hey folks!

In the ABBC we were talking about people missing the vote for the next book, and how we can notify them. Just setting the ABBC thread on “Watching” isn’t really good for that; you’d get hundreds of notifications that have absolutely nothing to do with the vote. There were other ideas using external tools, e.g. Discord or mailing lists, but all of those add complications and people who don’t want to use them. I’d love to have something where people can get notified without being spammed by lots of unrelated messages and without having to go outside the forums and adding more overhead than necessary.

Enter the Book Club Voting Notification Thread. It will only contain one kind of post: “The vote for the ABBC just started [LINK].” Since that is all, you can set it to “Watching” and get notifications without getting spammed.

So, who’ll make those posts? I think it would be ideal if the one who posts the vote (i.e. the one organizing the club) wants to do that, but I don’t just want to add to their workload - I think anybody can make the post if it doesn’t exist yet.

How do you know which clubs participate? For that I suggest that clubs volunteer to use the thread. We can make the top post a wiki so clubs can add their name to the list of “you will be notified if the following clubs start a vote”. I think it would be great if all clubs that vote take part though!

And on that matter - personally, I think there should be one thread for all book clubs. I don’t think we have so many book club votes that this will be too spammy, and if it gets out of hand after all, we could still make separate threads instead. We could also make a poll in the first post of that thread to see if people are getting annoyed by notifications for clubs they aren’t interested in. What do you think?

  • There should be one notification thread for all clubs
  • Separate clubs should have separate notification threads (ABBC, BBC, IBC etc…)
  • Something else (comment)
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So, how does the idea sound in general? Any ideas for improvement, or any better ideas for that matter?


Listen, I feel like you’re badly overestimating how much activity the ABBC home thread gets. Since the thread’s creation, it’s averaged 1.2 posts per day. And most of those are concentrated around the times when votes happen, which is precisely when people want to be seeing the thread anyway. Plus, you don’t get a notification with every new post, even on watching, you just get one notification that there are new posts in the thread, until the next time you read it.

I don’t mind some sort of centralised notification system, but so far the systems suggested have been either replacing “just check the thread every now and then” with “one of us is going to have to put in three hours of gruntwork every time a new vote starts” or else replacing “just check the thread every now and then” with “just check this thread every now and then instead”.


I mean, it’s great that you would stomach that, but I think you might be underestimating how annoying unrelated notifications are for other people. I would never subscribe to any of the main book club threads just for vote notifications, and I’d be very surprised if I was alone in that.

But the replacement here is “just set this to watching, no/almost no (depending on variant) unrelated notifications”?