Taking notes on grammar

So, I’ve taken upon myself the challenge of N1 in 72 days. I feel very unprepared in terms of grammar and kanji, which of course will affect the reading and vocab sections as well.

For specific N1 study I have the Shinkanzen Master books (all sections), and the Dictionaries of Japanese Grammar.

Up to now I’ve just been going to Japanese class (about low N2 level, but lots of opportunity to ask N1 questions), and trying to do a couple pages in one of the books I take to work with me. Though as I’ve mentioned in many threads around the forum, I have not been very consistent in working through the books.

I would like to hear people’s methods in studying in limited time, and using multiple resources.

Also, how do you keep yourself from getting drowsy on the first page of opening your textbook? :sweat_smile:


Asking questions to the teacher. I can’t go through a textbook by myself.

Best I can do is look up grammar points online.

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LOUD music. Something intense and high energy. For studying, maybe without lyrics?
Of course I’m also kind of a weirdo and find grammar to be one of the more interesting parts of a language so I’m usually pretty excited to get into the book :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck my thinly snooted friend!

As to textbook drowsiness… lots of caffeine :neutral_face:

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Plank or wall squat. :laughing: N1 study books are insanely dry.

Judging from the little I know about you and your reading experience, I think the reading comprehension section shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

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Sounds doable. I was thinking I would cross reference all grammar from SKZ with the DoJG, but only doing the ones I get wrong after the tests sounds way more sustainable. Thanks for the suggestion!

I know this might have been a joke, but it would probably work better than settling in on the couch, book on lap. Thanks, I’ll give it a go one of these days!

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I can do that… I like to sit in a cafe with my books and do exercises there, but it’s a bit harder when I’m at work, getting in an hour of study while the toddler I look after is asleep. For that same reason

Usually not a option, but I’ll try to put in earphones when I find a good spot tomorrow.

Me too, usually, it’s just a lot to get through, and lately I usually haven’t had enough sleep to really get into it.

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I should do this more often, he’s online pretty much all the time on Discord. And if a question gets to big, he’s not shy about alloting time in the next class. But I kind of don’t want to derail the class too much, since i’m the only one going for N1.

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I meant it! I hope it works for you.

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Not much you can do to not hate reading a textbook. What I usually do, is go somewhere I usually don’t work, or relax, and take away any unnecessary things that might distract me.

I’m still a Genki 1 noob, just getting started on grammar, so I wouldn’t know about multiple resources, which are necessary for levels N3-N1, but for note taking, I usually start by reading the notebook, going through whatever I’m studying once, briefly, then I go to Evernote, and jot down as much information as I can recall from the brief read through, if I were studying at a higher level, this is where I would start cross referencing other resources, to parse the most useful information I can get on all the points of study, but for now, unless I’m unclear on something, I just use Genki. Anyways from here I run through Genki, with my notes, and make anki cards based on everything. Knowing how to make good anki cards is a good skill to have. Most of my anki card formats have around 15 - 20 fields, and anywhere from 1 - 3 card types. Make sure to have typed answers, instead of the usual useless flashcards. Include any other notes on each point somewhere on the flashcard.

I don’t hate going through textbooks :sweat_smile: I’m just having trouble using the time I have in my day on study, when I just feel tired. I can be looking at a page, try to understand, and my eyes just close… even after coffee.

I do do the thing of going out a space where you relax. That’s why I would go to cafes and libraries before. My place is just a single room, and when I’m there I tend to hang and watch stuff. Or read the forums, :joy:

I guess I don’t want to be lugging my cross reference material around. I should do the cross referencing of my mistakes after I get home from work…



I understand, that was worded poorly. I don’t hate going through textbooks either, it’s just really hard to get started.

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Derail it. :eyes:

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