Tae kim grammar: online versus book version

Is there any difference between the book and the online resource?

I think there’s more material in the book but I’m not positive.

I can’t speak for the book, but there’s a sweet app that makes it easier to navigate and adds some inline tooltips if you forget/don’t know some kanji. I would definitely recommend grabbing it if you’re going to stick with the online version in the end.

I bought the book just so I could carry it around. It has been sorta useful. I also felt like supporting a bit by buying it. Not sure if it was worth it yet… Meaning that the online version seems plenty.

I read the whole app last year, and I’m thinking about buying the book just to have something in my hands. But I easily forget material if there is nothing to practice on. Does anyone know, or recommend, a practice routine for every Tae Kim Chapter?

nevermind, just compulsively bought A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar (the 3 volumes)

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