Synonyms for "soon" are defeating me

I’m consistently confusing ちかぢか versus まもなく versus はやばや.
They all seem to mean “soon” to me. Are there nuances of meaning or use that I can use to help distinguish them?


はやばや: two senses, 1 quickly, hurriedly, 2 something happening earlier than expectation, earlier than normal, eg 早々と離婚した

ちかぢか: in the near future, days or months from the current time, e.g. ちかぢか引っ越しするつもりです. Can also mean near in distance.

まもなく: soon, shortly.

This stack overflow answer is good on まもなく vs ちかぢか.


I’ve experienced exactly that too on the production side. They are some of the few leeches I have. The recognition side is relatively easy, but I very often get the two "soon"s and “in the near future” confused when they come up on KW for production and thus I miss them more often than not.

A couple of other sets I don’t have any issues with for recognition but I miss all the time for production are:

  • 対立, 反対 and 対する, which are essentially “opposition” me. I know that the last one is more of facing in the sense of direction, but they all use 対 (versus, similar to opposition) and thus when presented with the English, I constantly mix them up.
  • 回る, 回転, and 転がる since they all have to do with rotation and turning. Technically, their transitive counterparts 回す, 回転する, and 転がす could be included since I miss those a lot too, although I don’t really have any trouble differentiating the transitive from the intransitive due to the use of す in all of them clearly making them the transitive versions, rather it’s due to mixing up the underlying intransitive versions.

It doesn’t help they’re all taught extremely closely to each other either which further causes the memory confusion.

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