Synonym feature changes stick out too much

The new button is twice as large which stands out, when you put an synonym in it goes beneath them and makes a larger gap between the meanings and the word type, and the new input box is also a bit over the top. The synonyms being in basic text like the meanings is nice but I think it would have been better if the button wasn’t so big, maybe a bit bigger than the old one, stuck to the end of the synonyms so it didn’t make an unnecessary gap and maybe changed into a [+] button when there are synonyms added, I think it did that before. I liked how it was before, it wasn’t in the way but it was there when you needed it, it was simple and did what it needed to. While the addition of preventing people from using incorrect is definitely a good thing if someone misunderstands the item’s meaning, changing the design to this extent doesn’t seem necessary. The recent oversaturated colours are still something I still dislike and I don’t need to mention the review page. While it’s nice the site is receiving attention, I didn’t have anything to complain about with the old site and the general design of the site seems to just be getting worse. I’m sorry that I’m kind of being negative but I’m not sure how to word this in a positive way. thank you for reading.


It’s supposed to be easier to click. Probably also to support the warning message.

Not sure about the design. I don’t particular like things personally.

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I can kind of understand that but there’s plenty of small buttons on a computer and the new button is comparable to a desktop icon. And if it’s about mobile then I’m pretty sure you can change the design depending on whether the user is on a pc or a phone.

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The formatting of the Item Info section during reviews has never been that great but the new Add Synonym buttom seems to be particularly misaligned - I don’t understand why though since it is fine on the lessons page.

Another complaint I have about the review Item Info is that the Kanji Composition is at the bottom of the page and I have to scroll down to get to it as either the Meaning or Reading sections auto-expand.


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