Summer Intensive Program in Japan

Hi Everyone,

I am a teacher so I have the summer off. I am currently looking into 1-month Japanese course or something of that nature in Japan over the summer.

Anyone have any suggestions of schools or cities? I am trying to avoid Tokyo since there will be the olympics. However, I am open to all suggestions.

Thank you!


Understandable, though keep in mind that if you go to Ōsaka for example, you’ll often hear Kansai dialect. Not that that’s inherently bad. Maybe someone experienced can comment on how much that influences a language course, and what other good alternatives to Tokyo there are.

I don’t imagine it would affect a language course where your teacher is properly credentialed.

Sure, if you ask your Osaka homestay mom to teach you Japanese, you’ll probably get Kansai-ben invading it even if she tries to stick to Standard Japanese.

But most teachers of Japanese as a foreign language learn how to teach Standard Japanese, and they know what proper Standard Japanese pronunciations and vocabulary are. My first ever Japanese teacher back in America was actually from Kobe (coincidentally only a few train stops from where I now teach), and she taught in Standard Japanese.

In your day-to-day life in Kansai (I live in Hyogo), people will generally not use pure Kansai-ben with you as a foreigner, unless you express some desire to hear it or something.


When I was in college I took a one month coarse at the Kyoto institute of language and culture. they had people of all ages and walks of life there. (not like children, I think the youngest was like 16)
The coarse is one month of language coarses Monday to Friday, plus the option to sign up for additional cultural classes and events once a week for a little extra money (never more than like $30 per event).
You take a test at the beginning or before you leave (I cant remember which) and then they put you in one of five classes accordingly.
They will also help set you up with either a small apartment like room or a home stay.


Last summer I went to Yamasa (in 岡崎、愛知県) and it was an incredible experience. You’re also able to stay in a host family.
There are different levels and courses to suit your needs, give it a look!


You can try Osaka? HumanJapanese is a cheaper program if price is a problem (:

I’m a teacher in Osaka and one of my students is actually a Japanese language teacher from that school and introduced me to it.

Otherwise most 1-3 month programs run about $1600 per 3 months?

I wouldn’t worry about Kansai-ben. In lessons you’ll learn standard Japanese but communicating with locals means you’ll hear and pick up on some kansai ben (: (like “meccha”)


I’ve been to Yamasa 10 years ago for 5 months (OMG so long ago… I miss it so much).
I recommend it as well :slight_smile:


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