Language School Recommendations

I have checked other threads on this topic but have found few specific recommendations that fit my situation so I thought I’d try my own. I was hoping to study at GenkiJACs in Fukuoka for four weeks next summer, but their classes at my level are already fully booked. Those of you who have experience of short-term study in Japan, can you tell me what school/city you went to and if you’d recommend it? I kind of had my heart set on Fukuoka, so if you’ve been to another school there I’d love to hear about it, but I am keeping an open mind about other spots.


I’m kinda surprised their classes are already booked through next summer. I’ve been taking classes at genkijacs online since last march and I’m gonna be going there for at least a year in January 2024 after I graduate. If you like fukuoka you could check out FFLC, idk if they do short term classes or not.


I guess pent-up demand due to the border re-opening?


I don’t believe the school is fully booked yet, but the courses at my level at my ideal time (4 weeks in July) are. I’m waiting to hear if they have availability in June, but it seems to be a long shot, and it isn’t the best time for me to go.

Just curious, what level are you attempting to go in at? If it’s a lower level (which I could see being way more people at the beginner level) is there a way you could spend the next 8 months or so studying to reach a more intermediate level?

If you are already at an intermediate level that might be harder but it could be an option.

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I don’t actually know what level I tested into, although I would guess it’s mid-beginner. I did mention that I will be studying and advancing for the coming months but that didn’t change the situation, so I expect their available classes are far outside my range.

One way or another, I’m looking into other options.

That’s too bad, as far as Fukuoka I think the options are more limited but there are tons of options in Tokyo and Kansai. If you’ve never been there, check out gogonihon, they have a pretty good list of curated language schools around Japan.

You can even go to places like hokkaido or okinawa which I think would be pretty awesome


I’m sorry to hear GenkiJACS in Fukuoka might not work out. I’m attending that school in the summer as well, but for their year-long program. We could’ve been classmates.

If you’re open to other cities, GenkiJACS offers other locations in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagoya. But I assume you’re aware of those.

The other language school in Fukuoka I considered when researching was Meiji Academy as it has high reviews.


Ah, that is disappointing! It would be fun to meet Wanikani people. I’m waiting to hear if there are some dates in June that might work out, so you never know. They are also inquiring at their other locations for me, so we’ll see.

I have looked at Meiji Academy and have sent them a request for an estimate - thanks for that suggestion!

Why Fukuoka? Is that where you were living before?

I hope it works out cause I’d love to also meet wanikani people abroad!

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We have a very nice language school here in Okayama prefecture near where I live. They have long term and short term intensive courses. It’s called The Okayama Institute of Languages. They have a website and I have met the principal there. Very kind and welcoming. (I am a current JET in 岡山市)


Ah yes, I actually took a look at that school! I’m glad to hear your recommendation. I lived in Okayama-ken from 1995-97 on JET. I loved it there; I will look at the Okayama Institute again and consider.

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I would like to stay in a city but I find Tokyo overwhelming. Kyoto is lovely but my understanding is that the cost of living in Fukuoka is cheaper. Because GenkiJACs was my first choice of school, I looked into Fukuoka a bit and now I’m curious about it. I have spent a little bit of time in Kyuushuu but would like to explore it more. But I am considering other spots as well.

Tokyo is not as crazy as you might think. It’s still relatively compact and each area is like a little city/neighborhood by itself. And if you go outside the 23 wards, there are some smaller cities. Or a little farther into Saitama or Chiba or Kanagawa. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but I guess that’s just because it’s the only place I lived in Japan so it’s my second home.

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I am living in a sharehouse in Fukuoka and some of my housemates study at jacs. I am at Wahaha. I get less homework and tests compared to them (at least so far!) but even at a less intensive school, you get out what you put in. My school is a lot smaller I think. I am making good progress and like the teachers. They do short term study option, min is two weeks I think.

Fukuoka is a great base to see kyushu, I’m currently in a ryokan in Beppu! Time to out wanikani aside and go see some hot springs!


Ah - I actually requested an estimate from Wahaha, but after some back and forth with Meiji Academy (as recommended by @potatonaught above), I’m thinking it might work out with them. I just read a graded reader on Beppu and totally want to go!

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The only time I spent in Tokyo was in Shinjuku so yeah, I might be generalizing. I’d love to go back someday - the Ghibli Museum is on my list of must-visits! - but for a month-long stay a medium-sized city is more my style.

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I haven’t met anyone from there, but it’s a great location!

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It wasn’t this one on the website by chance, was it?

I definitely wanted to visit Beppu after reading it! :laughing:

Edit: or maybe this one