Summary/Hide details only works in preview



This text should be hidden, but it isn’t (i hope). Otherwise I made a lousy thread making false claims and didn’t even get a t-shirt or something.

EDIT: why did this no work in Longest Thread??! Link

The hide details thing is written as
[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]

I assume you accidentally wrote the one in the longest thread as
[details=Summary][/details]This text will be hidden

It’s because you’ve decided to abandon Japanese for Norwegian.


For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed; there is nothing secret that will not come to light…

No, just selected everything and clicked the ‘Hide details’ button… Like I said, it shows up fine in the preview window, but when I actually post, it all goes sideways!


Yes, it worked! Thanks a lot!

All right, first let’s create the code:

Outside the Details

Inside the Details
Outside Details

Now I’m copypasting this code outside the “code” block:

Outside the Details


Inside the Details

Outside Details

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I just had this happen to me as well, it worked after I added a space above it, try doing that you too


I’ve also had this happen to me - I can’t recall in which thread. I hoped that only I was seeing the error since the preview had it right, but I guess not.