Suggestions for future major updates

just a quick thought about introducing major updates in the future

it would make some sense to create a beta version and allow users to CHOOSE between the two versions, while slowly updating the beta version for further improvement

instead of shoving a major update in users’ faces



Beyond edge cases like ChromeBooks, most of the complaints seem to revolve around one missing feature (review summary) and broken userscripts… which can’t really be helped, unfortunately.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to share roadmaps in some way, if not for input then to at least prepare users to avoid freakouts like today.

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This is where the initial announcement was made and where you could try the beta version of the UI.


I don’t agree with the point that the update came out of the blue because a beta version was made available via this thread that was used to announce the update roughly 2 weeks ago.

That being said, in terms of improvements when it comes to announcements of such overhauls, I think that it would be beneficial if the Wanikani team sent out e-mails and also added one of those pink banners to the webpage in advance for more visibility in the future because not everyone uses the forums. While it didn’t affect me as I knew about that thread, I can see why plenty of users had no idea about the update.

Edit: whoops, @ekg just explained my point right before I hit the ‘post reply’ button, so feel free to gloss over my first sentence. :sweat_smile:



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I think you made a better point anyway. It was announced, but I don’t think there was enough visibility about the upcoming changes. :thinking:


Also: because many people didn’t read that thread a lot of people seem to think that changing the UI broke the scripts, whereas the backend changes broke the scripts and the UI changes just happened to come at the same time, I guess because the backend changes facilitated making UI changes more easily. This has led people to suggest rolling back the update because sacrificing the scripts for minor (and annoying) UI changes doesn’t seem very intelligent (ignoring the months of work spent on invisibly improving the backend). At least that’s my understanding:p

Did someone complain about the ChromeBook experience? I’m on a ChromeBook and nothing seems wrong (apart from scripts breaking as expected).


I see. I’m glad that didn’t turn out to be a universal problem for us ChromeBook users:)


Similar to my other post here, an LTS version of the site/program/app would probably help with the “broken scripts” concern and general surprise people are having. Likely, this would involve a settings option to choose the current stable version of the program or the LTS version for script authors. じゃあ、またね

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