Suggested reading? - I made it to level 10!

I made it to level 10! Any suggested reading? I’m slowly translating the first Dragon Ball Super Manga (no one told me the text was going to be so dang tiny! I need a magnifying glass!). Any other good things to read at my level?


Congratz on reaching level 10 :crabigator::tada:

What about passing by the Absolute Beginner Book Club? Users from Wanikani will be reading a manga together very soon :slight_smile:

You can also have a look at the Beginner Book Club (which will be harder than the Absolute one):


There’s also the よつばと Reading Club! which originated in the Beginner Book Club.
We’re currently reading Vol. 7, but you could start with Vol. 1 and check if it’s at a level that you would be comfortable with, while also having the opportunity to ask questions about things you’re not sure about. :slight_smile:


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