Studying for n5 , looking for someone in n5 level to speak daily for improving Japanese communication

As the title says I had just started studying Japanese I was looking forward to find a interested person at my level i.e n5 or someone willing to speak,so both of us can improve our Japanese.

Interested guys reply here

If you have HelloTalk or LINE, PM me your usernames and I’d be happy to practice conversational Japanese with you.

I would highly suggest you don’t want to speak with other people at that level without some kind of teacher present, you are just going to reinforce each other’s mistakes and gain additional bad habits.

You would be much better off speaking to natives.


Yeah, I agree with @Syphus. If you can’t afford a teacher, I would suggest you to try and find a native in an intermediate level of the language you’re teaching. They’re able to correct your basics easily and you won’t depend much on their English/other language skills (AKA only use English), as they’re still not advanced students.

Your point is valid,but my teacher is a busy person,
I already tried to find people to talk in language exchange sites,it doesn’t worked out for me.thats why looking for people to talk,it’s not about perfection ,it’s about just starting

Your teacher isn’t your friend, they’re someone who is doing their job. (Assuming you mean an actual teacher).

Regardless, this doesn’t change the point, you want to build a strong foundation, you are going to build a very rickety foundation and poke holes in it if you do this.


Thanks syphus for pointing out the possibilities ,plan dropped.

If you can’t/don’t want to practice with a teacher or native speaker, may I suggest you do an audio course such as Pimsleur? It’s not quite the same, but it will teach you basic conversational Japanese from the very beginning, and at least you know it’s correct.

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