Seeking tutoring?

My partner is a native Japanese speaker with 5 years of teaching experience at a variety of age levels, from child to adult. She’s helped many learners reach their learning goals through weekly (or more frequent) tutoring and personalized learning plans.

You can find language instructors and conversation partners on a variety of online platforms but I find many are quite inexperienced or stick to a rigid lesson plan format with little room for personalizing the format or capacity for accommodating individual interests such as wanting to learn from popular media instead of dry textbook content.

She’s moved from working at a learning institute to taking clients independently and has some availability to take new students, so I thought I’d ask here if anyone is interested in 1:1 or group instruction, or services such as correcting/feedback on written Japanese. Let me know and I’ll connect you with her to learn more.


I’d be interested in learning a bit more at the very least, would appreciate it if you could get me in touch

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Certainly. I couldn’t find a DM function - I’ve let her know you’re interested in learning more, please send her your email, wakasensei at yahoo com and she’ll introduce you to what she can offer you based on your needs. She can catch you up over email or on a brief call as you prefer. Thanks

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