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Hi everyone,

I’ve been here (lurking) a while, on an off, but I don’t remember whether or not I’ve introduced myself. So, sorry if I’m breaking etiquette here.
Anyways, at the end of this tern of college, I will have completed my Japanese minor. I studied a ton on my own before coming to college, but now that I’m at a higher level, I don’t know how to go about studying effectively outside of a classroom.

I’d love for any advice. Thanks!

I’m bumping this for you. I personally don’t know much by way of intermediate/higher level studies (although a lot of people recommend just reading and reading and reading and listening and looking up what you don’t know), but I’m sure some other people do!

When you did your minor, what textbooks did you use (and finish, and if you started another… which?)? That might give some of us in the community a good idea of what level you’re at; some classes run differently than others… or your minor might’ve required a Japanese History or Culture course rather than 100% language courses, or something.

I’m sure lots of people here can give you tips!

Same situation here!
Studied Japanese for a year at uni, and got kind of lost once I had no class to motivate me anymore.

I found studying towards the JLPT exams to be a good goal and source of motivation, alongside finding language partners to practice with. A really great habit to consolidate new grammar and vocab as you learn it is to write a blog on lang-8. Native speakers will correct it for you, and you can correct their blogs in English. I’ve found a few language exchange partners this way too, through skype groups on Lang-8.

I don’t remember saying hello. It’s nice to meet you. Hope things go well for you. Your current level is probably a bit too easy with kanji, yes?


Thanks for replying everyone. After that post organic chemistry sort of took hold of my life so I didn’t have time to check the forums.
So my college’s Japanese program is sort of weird in that we don’t use a textbook. The first year classes use both the Genki books, but after that, its all based on native source materials and giving presentations. Our professor estimates the class to be around an N3 level.
I think I’ll start studying JLPT material like LankyAusMan, suggested.
I really appreciate everyone’s help. From what I’ve seen the WaniKani community is one of the better ones out there. (And yeah my current level is really easy, so I feel like its a chore right now.)

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This sounds awesome and very smart. What college is it?

Lawrence University

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