Study Habits

I tend to never know where to start in my studying, or I over focus in one area for the whole week, and then when I have class, I feel that I didn’t study enough as I could have. BUT, a few weeks ago, I bought a study planner from Kokuyo and it has really helped me. It has a weekly spread with the topic areas for you to write whatever topic you like (漢字、WK、Genki。。。etc) and then, at the bottom there is a time log to visually see how long you have spent on that one given topic.

For anyone that has similar studying habits out there and is looking to learn how to organize your time better, I really recommend you try it!

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I use an app called atimelogger which does a similar thing. You just choose an activity to time and it will keep track. You can see a chronological list of your studying, or pie or bar charts to see it visually. It also shows your studying at a day/week/month/year view.

It’s really shown me how much of my studying time is spent on wanikani and how little I actually do textbook study. Just by tracking it I think I’ve been encouraged to study more in general but I haven’t attempted to rebalance my studying. I think you can set goals too, but I just use the tracking feature.


Yes, I had the same thing happen where I wasn’t spending as much time with the text book. I’ll definitely look it up. I’ve never heard of it before. Thank you!


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