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I am wondering if anyone has used Olly Richards story learning. What do people think of it? It seems really expensive but would it be good to purchase to learn the everything that isn’t Wanikani?

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I have never used it but yes, the expensive part means I will not be doing so. Interested to hear from anyone that has though.

Bizarre coincidence…I’d never heard of Oily Richards before today when YouTube’s algorithm popped one if his videos into my recommendations. I didn’t watch it. In fact, it barely registered. But just now I saw your post and the name struck me as odd, then I remembered that I’d seen it on YouTube earlier…

I guess this means I’d better go start watching them. And maybe play the lottery?

I found this old thread Japanese uncovered - #6 by nclbk


That’s a good thread. I think agree with it. More important than any system is just putting the work in to learning the language. Refold has a good guide to follow.

Also, this looks like a really great tool.

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I think the biggest red flag for me is that the pricing isn’t mentioned anywhere on the site. You have to find out through 3rd parties.

Agreed. He’s coming out with a normal book in April that will be around $10 I’ll stick with that XD. In the end, I’ve concluded that learning a language just takes work, Japanese is my third so I’ll stick with that formula.

$400 in case anyone was wondering. Think of how many iTalki lessons you could have instead.

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Yeah, 高いですね

The other thing is that he doesn’t have an intermediate/advanced level. So you could spend that money on WK and Bunpro, plus all the free resources, and get to the same place.

What I’ve found is that once you get past the beginner stuff, all the marketing fluff disappears since you know enough to call BS. The intermediate/advanced materials are mostly legit and a good value but still expensive.

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