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喋 isn’t one of Wanikani’s kanji, and there are no official JLPT lists.
The JLPT list I’m using is one of the newest, even though it’s still about 6 or 7 years old. The other most common JLPT list has more kanji on it, but it was derived from the pre-2010 JLPT tests, before N5 was added.


Thanks :slight_smile:


I just came here to report the same issue. I debugged it very briefly and I think it is because we reset our level. The “item.level” at this point is most likely a level that you had reached before your reset (it was in my case at least).

Manually clearing the local storage will fix this. I called user.clear_data() in the browser console and it worked. You just have to re-enter your API key again afterwards.


Interestingly, I fired up my new tablet last night and was able to open it on that, but still can’t on my old tablet nor my PC (both tablets are Android).

My understanding of this is sadly limited, but I’ll give it a go, cheers!


Sorry about that. It is a cache issue, and normally something I’d try to fix on my side… but since the current version of the site will be going away soon, I’m staying focused on getting the new version done.


I tried typing this in and it didn’t work, but then I noticed there was a ‘Clear Cache’ button nearby, clicked on it, and Hey Presto! I have access to the old stats site again - thank you so much. :confetti_ball:

@rfindley - I really appreciate the work you are doing on the new site (especially the personalisation with that funky configurations bit!), so no worries at all about not spending time on the old one. :heart_eyes: I was just missing the projections aspect of the old one is all.