Starting to study again after a year long break, what's the best approach?

I’m level 29 on my account and I do remember fragments of stuff here and there, but picking up right where I left off is definitely too much.

I’m hesitant to reset to level 1 though because of how long it takes to unlock things. I feel like I might remember most of the early stuff anyway and I want to put in work more immediately.

I suppose I could reset to an early-ish level, but it’s hard to gauge exactly where I should be, any suggestions?

For other study resources, I’m probably going to go through the genki books again before I get too serious with gramnar. Are there any other resources I could use in conjunction with that and WK that will help me go over more information more immediately?

I (somewhat) recently was also about level 29. A long time ago (I don’t remember how long, but maybe 2017ish) I was also at about level 29. Back in 2017ish, I reset to level 3 and that was a big mistake. This time I reset to level 20 and that was just about right.
In addition to this, I like reading and listening on satori reader.
I like watching this guys grammar videos occasionally (good n3-n2 level content) N3文法 #10【〜によって③】 (受身文の動作主) - YouTube

and I like reading a bunch of Manga I bought at book・off and other places.
On my evening walks, I listen to audiobooks in Japanese, but this is so far not very effective. I only prolly understand 10-15% of what I hear, but I’m gonna keep it up anyway.
For me, I feel like I have an pretty strong grasp of Japanese grammar, my biggest weaknesses are vocab and kanji, hence wanikani, and trying to learn vocab through context in Satori and various Manga.

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Something I forgot to mention in my post is that I was actually trying to recommend reviewing grammar by working on reading content (i.e. satori reader). Grammar in context makes it stick waaaaay better for me. After taking some pretty long breaks, I’m impressed with how quickly grammar came back to me. Honestly, it feels like grammar is easier now than ever before for some reason, but I don’t know if I can recommend the 18month break program of learning grammar.


I haven’t had to reset yet, but I’ve seen others suggest to reset back just a few levels at first and see how you’re doing, then if you’re still having difficulty reset it back another few, etc. That way, you won’t guess randomly and accidentally reset to a much-too-low level; by going back in small steps, if you do end up going back too far, it’ll only be by like a couple levels max

Or you could try doing some reviews and take note of what level the items you get wrong are from and start by resetting to the lowest or most frequent one. You can always reset farther back, but you can’t jump forward

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Ohhh it’s really great to hear from someone who was in a similar situation. Thank you so much :))

Yeah I’ll definitely avoid going to far back then. As the other guy is saying, I’ll try rewinding small steps at a time. Level 20 sounds really ambitious for me personally, but maybe I’m underestimating myself. I’ll give that a shot.

And yeah, attempting to read was something I was just getting into back when I was studying last time. I definitely should go over basic grammar first though.

Satori Reader looks like an amazing resource, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before haha. So thanks for that too


The other frequent suggestion is to use a script to reorder reviews by level - lowest to highest - and then as you work through reviews, reset to the level where you’re finding you’re just not comfortable with the content anymore - in case something systematic might be helpful.


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