SRS system should be more flexible

Btw, does anyone know if the following is still true:

I thought the first few levels had been made into “fast” levels that completed in a few days rather than a week? And why the heck isn’t the SRS timing listed on the FAQ page?!


The first two levels are indeed “fast levels”, but for a different reason than later fast levels. Here the SRS pace is halved. Later fast levels just don’t have enough radicals to stop you from reaching 90% in one wave.


The kanjis are coming…

Unfortunately this idea is genuinely really difficult to understand until you’ve actually been through it. It’s just not particularly intuitive with how we approach the rest of our lives. Or not with how I approach mine, anyway. That’s why there’s a speed limit in the first place - you can almost never tell someone to go as slow as they need to if they’ve never SRS’d before - they have no way to conceptualize how what they’re doing now will affect their future workload. You have to cap them.


True, I think that line in the FAQ should be updated, though. Who would be the best person to tag for that?

I wonder if putting that “you are here” graphic would be an improvement, though? Rather than just saying “you’re workload will suck later, deal with it”? The graphic has been very useful in the forums.


Give it time.

One of the unexpected things that new users have to deal with is that learning 2000 odd kanji like this is a hopeless endeavour without a memorization strategy. You can’t speed SRS up even if you feel really confident about it. If you can’t deal with the SRS system at level 1 then you’re probably better off using another method.

Good luck!

EDIT: There’s a gazillion things you can be doing whilst you’re waiting for reviews.


Your percent correct on the review pages isn’t what matters. Radicals and kanji only unlock kanji and vocab when they reach Guru, and your percent Guru’ed is what unlocks the next level with new radicals.


The usage of ‘expect’ and ‘assumed’ though. Was that before reading the FAQs or after?

This is not a statement which is valid in general. Might not be hard for you, but it definitely is hard for some.


too stupid to use a spoiler.sorry.

Wth? :joy:

I think this story captures the essence of WK, just not enough burning turtles.

Also, getting to the fast levels while going max speed… I still have nightmares to this day…

Why was this flagged?

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Yeah, I don’t get it either.


You have to give yourself time to forget to know if you truly remember.


If you want to study more, you could use the self-study script? It won’t count in your SRS, but you can make sure stuff is well and truly in your short-term memory and keep yourself busy for another few minutes if you want.

After you’ve done that, though, I really recommend leaving stuff alone and letting your brain rest.

I remember when I started I was worried I wouldn’t be able to build up enough of a habit if reviews ended so quickly with little to do afterwards. “How am I going to remember to come back?” It was just over too soon. I can assure you that this problem is far more rare as you start hitting level ten and beyond—lessons come and go but reviews are just about eternal.

Try to remember that you can always practice what you’ve just learned in a different way. You could practice writing the kanji you just learned, for instance, write short sentences with them, or build mnemonics for the ones you feel like you might forget soon. You could check out bunpro or kaniwani. Or you could set a timer on your phone to remind you when your next reviews are coming in, so you have a prompt to log back in when there is more to do and you don’t have to worry about it in the interim. These activities are totally up to you.

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I would change WK to directly give you most of level 1 on day one instead of tinkering with the SRS intervals, one level at once shouldn’t kill you, and it is a bit odd to wait for your first kanji.

But in the end the first three levels are free and learning kanji needs a bit of endurance, the “WK is slow problem” solves itself after a while.


From personal experience, level 1 is really boring, but it already picks up by level 2. Just the fact you start learning actual words makes it a lot more interesting. At that point, you can also start KaniWani and/or KameSame if you want to strenghten recalling abilities or want to kill your free time.

Being able to start on level 2 would be so nice. It’s also not a terribly big workload to do at once. 110-ish lessons to start with. It’s like a levelup lesson batch (level 10 part 1 had like 120 lessons), but instead of getting two sets of vocab, you get two sets of radicals.

dunno. i wrote a warning and used a spoiler, and yet people reported it, hehe.
that’s why peanut bags have “contains peanuts” written on it.

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@OmukaiAndi it certainly was one odd and colorful story, but I didn’t mind…

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